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Wife and I are looking for a family friendly guild

My wife and I are looking for a place to play with people. We are returning to this game after been away for 9 years. We played at launch for about 6 months and forgot about this game and I dont know why, this is my cup of tea. We dont want to be PL, we want to play the game. Tips and pointers are always nice. My wife likes to set things on fire, so she will be playing ranged fire. I like to play whats needed. Im not sure what that is for this game. We both have level 37 chars but I am sure we are going to have to spend a few hours playing with skills as both our chars are untrained and dont even have travel powers lol. I have been a guild leaders, raid leader and have been MMOing for 20 years. My wife and I have been MMOing together for over 12 years. I got her into this gaming thing. We are not hardcore when it comes to time. We play a few times a week at best but when we play I play hardcore. We are no drama type of people and self starters. Any questions pls feel free to ask.


  • kjames91kjames91 Posts: 186 Arc User
    Is there a particular theme you're looking for? I'd be glad to maybe start one up with you. Talking family friendly, that'd be interesting to start up a Fantastic Four type. Something small. I'm not a huge fan of large sgs.
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