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Please help

bladeflyerbladeflyer Posts: 33 Arc User
edited April 18 in Off Topic
I've been trying to post on the builds and roles forums, but my posts keep getting eaten by a message that says it will be posted once approved. I have no idea why this is happening.

The only thing I could've possibly done wrong was a bit of necro posting on a couple of old threads.

Update: My threads finally posted, but I can't access this forum while logged out.


  • lezard21lezard21 Posts: 1,425 Arc User
    Forum eats post when:

    1) you edit it too much in a small window of time
    2) you post too many images, links, videos or heck even BBC Color code in one same post

    As to the subforum thing, some subforum are hidden to only be accesible to users only​​
    Guides are gone RIP
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