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AoED: Ebon Lightning

lineghostlineghost Posts: 15 Arc User
I'm trying to figure out how the rate limit for AoED's lightning works. It says it may strike twice every 6 seconds, but is that per person/pet attacking or per enemy target?

So for example if my character in buffing 4 other players/pets and we are all beating on one boss does it strike 2 times total in that 6 seconds or up to 2 times per attacker (so max 10 strikes in that same time-frame)?

Similarly if we're AoEing 6 enemies would it hit up to 12 times (2 per enemy) or 10 (2 per player)?



  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,170 Arc User
    edited February 26
    Testing in the PH, it seems to be per ally that has the buff, and not per target. Using a pet build w/ high crit, AoED lightning procs constantly even versus one target. Conversely, using AoED solo vs. 5 targets (w/ a maintain for rapid ticks) in AoE still had the proc limit imposed across all targets (usually meant procing the 2 AoED hits immediately, followed by a dry stretch).
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,854 Arc User
    Can confirm, every individual recieving the buff has their own timer and gets 2 every 6 seconds. With a swarm of pets there is basically a permanent streak of black lightning over a target dummy. Similar results at a cosmic.

    Also fun fact, the damage from the black lightning scales with your damage bonus. Now I'm not sure if it scales with the damage bonus of they who procced it, or the person with the aura, but I do know that my black lightning scales with my damage bonus, rather than presence. Hence why that new Darkness form is so very cool for aoed pet masters.​​
  • lineghostlineghost Posts: 15 Arc User
    Thank you both. I tried testing but my character's level and crit rate was to low to get definitive results.
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