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Looking for active end game content group

Just returned to the game, want to finish my scrapper/ off tank character with gear. Have MMO experience just need a active group to learn endgame content. Use to Tank everything in COH looking to learn champion online missions and group pulls from a experience Tank. I love cryptic games build freadom. Currently running scrapper/offtank build Testing a support off tank .

Currently have funds to complete Merc but think I might buy Legonary soon with armidilo but want to work toward endgame gear with SG help. About to be geared for the next step.

As long as your active endgame I am down. I do not role play but if it gets me to gear quicker, I can pretend to be the fly on the wall. Bzzzzzz
Nova Core

House of Beautiful Orions


  • theglasskittentheglasskitten Posts: 175 Arc User
    Hey! The SG Menagerie is always looking for more active members. We run endgame content ((Cosmics, lairs)) on a daily basis. We would love to toss you an invite if you are still in search of a SG.
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