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New starter and low arch to arch villain

psychicslugpsychicslug Posts: 421 Arc User
lower story archs as running through the lower ones and boosting up to level 30 or so i get tired of it. Maybe some more lower level options to play through like a more personalized story arch, based off a start type. Like, street level, Alien exile, Genetic freak, Science accident, Mystic practitioner, Supernatural Creature, Techno geek, etc. Have an arch that follows you up from the start or you can skip like the tutorial (but doing so you miss some minor cool things maybe tidal and a trinket could be a low level permanent device. And then from 6 to 10 the arch picks up again as your moving on into a more dangerous foes. And then from 11 to 25 your taking down and finding out who is behind all the foes you have been fighting. And at 25 make the arch villain and do something besides the museum it's getting old maybe add some other venues for a change.


  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 7,981 Arc User
    Dang. I thought this was way back from 2009....
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  • redobsidianredobsidian Posts: 40 Arc User
    I personally love this idea. plus i would love being able to fight my Nemesis at early levels like 10 and up to help with story progression.
  • paperbellpaperbell Posts: 24 Arc User
    I like the idea of each AT having their own story arch that run on the side of main archs. And with Nemesis arch should be base on chosen powers type and personally. I'd like CO to a foundry like STO has also.
  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 3,323 Arc User
    I like the idea of people putting more money into the game to make such extensive work possible. We get new costumes, power reworks, events, and now some lair reworks. That appears to be all that the budget can afford.

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