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FC.31.20190108.21 - High Noon

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer

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High Noon at Snake Gulch
  • Added Rustbucket and Undercut Hairstyle costumes to the event vendor.

  • Added Midnight archetype unlock to the debugger store for testing.
  • Added Punk Bangs hairstyle to the debugger store.
  • Updated Midnight archetype icons.

  • Fixed a bug where Energy Step wasn't showing up in the travel selection list.

  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Reverberation was not scaling with anything.
  • Fixed a tooltip error with Shadow Manifestation stating it buffed melee more than ranged. Also fixed a bug where it was scaling off of Recovery.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Eruption's Consume Fear advantage did not consume the debuff. Also fixed a bug with the damage this advantage deals.
  • Fixed a tooltip error where Feral Rage stated it scaled with Rage stacks instead of Enraged.
  • Changed the sound fx on Dimensional Collapse.
  • Fixed a bug where Feral Rage did not expire all form stacks.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Embrace's advantage was not healing per target.
  • Fixed a bug where Form of the Tiger did not use its internal cooldown for stacking Focus.
  • Form of the Tiger and Form of the Tempest now require hitting a target to trigger their effects. Updated the tooltips for these powers.
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