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Prism Guard (RP SG Casual - Heavy)

Who are ? What are we?...WHY ARE WE?:

The current Prism Guard is the second incarnation of an RP SG once formed for a group of in game and in real friends that blossomed into something more as time went on. Some members have moved on but the SG still exists as a way to carry on the original team's idea of a fun, active, helpful, and especially social RP group one could turn too for leveling or of course Roleplaying!

Prospective Members:

While not nor seeking to be the largest SG we have members who are dedicated to helping and RPing when called upon or offered; levels vary and seldom (if at all) matter). Power levels in the SG go from street level hero types to Cosmic level heroes with alignments from, Purely good to Chaotic Neutral so the Role Playing possibilities are vast.


We allow our members freedom but also expect simple game wide rules as well as the ones we have in place to be honored/adhered to. These include:

1. Respect fellow players in and out of the SG as well the guidelines of the SG.
2. Do NOT take anything from the vault without adding some money/G of similar value to the items price.
3. Poor conduct, such as prejudice, racism or hate speech will NOT be tolerated.
4. Inactive players will have a period of TWO (2) weeks before being removed from the SG.
5. It is an RP group therefore Roleplayers are the intended target demographic.


Want to find out more? Then feel free to message one of our members in game for more information or our RP interview process which takes no more than TEN minutes (10) though the process varies as most enjoy it and go past the usual time. We also have our own DISCORD group with numerous tabs for EVENTS (RP events, In Game events and contests), STORIES (Solo character stories and an ongoing SG story), SCREENSHOTS and RP while out of game! Hope to hear from you! :)
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