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Unable to authenticate

For some reason I am having this trouble today, it's been fine the past months. I don't know if I am the only one, if anyone else can confirm. My friend can login and I've actually been ABLE to login after trying again after the emergency maintenance today. But when I went to switch characters I got hung up on client trying to connect to servers or w.e so i ended up closing CO. Problem is I got that Unable to Authenticate error even though I was JUST logged in. I've restarted my laptop twice AND my router. I am able to login play my other mmos, except for my cryptic games. Anyone else have this issue? I don't know how else to try and fix this.

My friend who can login does not use comcast like me so I'd also like to clarify whether this is my laptop/network vs client vs isp.
IF anyone else is having same issue, are you using comcast? If you use comcast, do you have no issues logging in?

Again, I have no probs entering into the game world of my other mmos like maplestory 2 and even Fallout 76 (popular with server instabilities).


  • karmariuskarmarius Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 6
    I can confirm i have the same problem. I was having 0 problem until today... i'm trying for hours. I don't use comcast, and i can confirm i can play all my other non-cryptic games...
  • necratech009necratech009 Posts: 68 Arc User
    I am also having issues logging in.
    Was just fine before the emergency maintenance.
  • ipsissimusalephipsissimusaleph Posts: 16 Arc User
    Seems widespread and there's an announcement saying it's beeing looked at. Whatever it is appears to be affecting STO too as I'm getting the same rtype of error message there.
  • areeeareee Posts: 189 Arc User
    Add me to the list of having Account co0nnection errors.

    Got me coming out of a Grab Alert and kicked me off the game.
  • alpha9kalpha9k Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 6
    I have had no trouble logging in until today, what is going on, I do not understand. If you need to take the server down to fix this, please let us know.
  • vonqballvonqball Posts: 651 Arc User
    Yeah I got booted, and can't log back in. Keep getting messaged about a server connection.
  • guyhumualguyhumual Posts: 2,121 Arc User
    Same problem, I even tried resetting my password with no success, I loaded up Arc and managed to get in that way
  • areeeareee Posts: 189 Arc User
    Well even with the usual server Maint there is still this bug popping up and kicking me offline.
  • tacredlinetacredline Posts: 25 Arc User
    same here and past few days
  • thatguymustafathatguymustafa Posts: 1 Arc User
    Having issues since yesterday.
  • historiphilehistoriphile Posts: 24 Arc User
    I have tried a few times over the last hour and could not get past the launcher login. "Unable to authenticate: Connection to the account server timed out."
  • d3athj3st3rd3athj3st3r Posts: 2 Arc User
    Yep, unable to authenticate today, and when I was able to login I was booted out of game when I would try to change characters. Now I simply not able to get past login anymore.
  • tangent90tangent90 Posts: 65 Arc User
    Yesterday I was able to log in the first time I after starting or restarting the client, but then when I changed characters I got an error and couldn't log in the second character. Exiting the game and restarting the launcher, so I just suffered without complaint.

    Today I'm unable to connect at all; I'm getting the the same "Unable to authenticate: connection to account server timed out" error that everyone else is getting.

    Looks like a server reset was in order after all...
  • Me too.
  • malivarmalivar Posts: 4 Arc User
    In case you all thought this was fixed, it's definitely not. Neither I, nor several friend from around the globe can get/stay in the game.
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