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Become Chaos Daemon devices

Yes I know all become devices other then celestial and doomlord suck. But I would still like to know what the 3 become devices in the nightmare store offer.

Does anyone know what powers you get with each one?


  • wingedkagoutiwingedkagouti Posts: 515 Arc User
    The only difference between the Chaos Demon devices is the colour of the vapour effect the skin uses, the powers are the same for all of them. At level 40 you get:

    Shadow Form (Passive)
    Ebon Void (Block)
    Shadow Bolt (Energy Builder)
    Shadow Blast
    Shadow Embrace
    Grasping Shadows
    Ebon Rift
    Summon Shadows
    Ebon Ruin

    At level 15 you get the listed powers from Shadow Form to Grasping Shadows.
  • redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 105 Arc User
    Thanks. I ended up buying one to see. Its actually not a bad set of powers. Some attack, some CC, some healing, decent DoT and pets.
  • redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 105 Arc User
    Aaaaannd with the new darkness changes its made less useful. Since the Shadow blast no longer stacks Devoid, you have no way to stack devoid on targets, severely reducing the DPS.
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