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FC.31.20190108.4 - Nightmare Invasion

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,848 Cryptic Developer
edited January 2019 in PTS - The Archive

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Nightmare Invasion Event
  • Added Helmet Ribbon, Hangings Chains, Thorn Horns and Spiral Horns to the event vendor.
  • Added Roar costume transformation to the event vendor.
  • Added Ink (formerly Null) Kitten action figure to the debugger store.
  • Added no skin versions materials to the Bone Spikes costumes.

  • Added Radical Swoop, Mohawk, Rockabilly and Cover hairs to the debugger store.
  • Added Fire Spin costume transformation and Light Show costume transformation (+Light Show dance emotes) to the debugger store.
  • Known Issues: The transformations currently lack sound.

  • Added Supernatural Transformation costume transformation (+Werewolf emote) to the Questionite store.

  • Updated the way certain powers apply knock resistance. This should have no noticable change to the power, they are just being updated to work the same way other powers do. Affected powers: Pounce, Rend and Tear, Uppercut, Support Drone Knockback Beam, Gravity Driver, Hurl (Stag Manimal device), Thrash (Bear manimal device).

  • Added a conversion store to the Fixer vendor that will give players who owned the old versions of the Rainbow, Null and Shadow kittens the newer versions.
  • Made some changes to the Rocker bracers to address coloring the front and back side.
  • Added random loadscreens.
  • Kigatilik is no longer festive.
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