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Task Force Victor (Heavy RP)

General Info

Task Force Victor is a Super Group created in August 2017 with the intended purpose of providing active and available roleplay to players in the Champions community for various different timezones. The SG is managed by the head, four captains with individual mindsets as well as two councils that are interchanged every six months to get fresh faces in and willing to grant new ideas and input on developments in the SG.

TFV prides itself on continued growth and development in both infrastructure and the SG's story through dynamic arcs and one-off events done through planning for ICly sudden occurrences and with the use of an Operations Board system which allows the player to be the one to set the time as to what mission among many to undertake and at what time, allowing for fluidity between timezones.

There are numerous themes that are taken within the group as well as settings, allowing for a diverse range of technological, magical, superpowered and sometimes outright eldritch creations from the players within. Power levels are managed through various rankings in missions as well as assistance and creative writing from seasoned DMs to minimise cheese in our more universal arcs. That being said, those who surpass a certain degree of IC power will need to have discussions on how to keep things interesting and fair for both player and DM in regards to the character.

The intended goal of Task Force Victor is to provide a place where players in the Champions community can branch out from the casual and club scene to pursue development for both their characters as well as the people alongside them in an ever-changing plot line that takes place within the world, and hopes to continue to grow with the aid of players who want something more for their experience as a roleplayer.
Casual RP is daily, and we're not only looking for new members, but also people outside of the SG to create connections with in order to do our part in maintaining a stable and functioning roleplay community!

Who are we IC?

Task Force Victor is a Super Group that severed itself from government control into the world of privatised business with the assistance of various sponsors around the world. Led by Director Kayla Conner, also known as "Ziggy", she created a company out of a unit of well-intended superpowered soldiers into a new organisation known as the Victorian Company, with Task Force Victor being the main factor of its might.

The Victorian Company was designed with the intent of bringing about a "golden age of heroism" by utilising heroes across the globe and bringing them under their wing in order to become a new player in the competitive hero scene. By working alongside groups such as PRIMUS, UNTIL and the Champions, they actively hunt jobs and missions, allowing the numerous members to seek out new opportunities to brighten the world in their own way.


We do unfortunately have some small restrictions which shouldn't pose too much of an issue, such as dissuading players from the use of powerplay, metagaming, threatening and antagonising, as well as displaying sympathy for blatantly harmful organisations IRL. Our OOC age limit is 16+ as certain themes may have adult suggestions or grim/gory atmospheres. ICly, the age limit is 18+.


I can be found in-game with the tag @gilbourne5 or on Discord with the tag Cagi#9427 if you need information or have any issues.


  • If you really want to "unite" the rp community, then maybe you shoudn't have a blacklist of people to ignore/avoid without proof that they are genuine bad people or trolls. biased SG that pretends to be good.
  • johnystelar1johnystelar1 Posts: 67 Arc User
    If you really want to "unite" the rp community, then maybe you shoudn't have a blacklist of people to ignore/avoid without proof that they are genuine bad people or trolls. biased SG that pretends to be good.

  • gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
    I'm afraid that this was a product from around the starting period of the SG. The purpose was not to create a blacklist but rather to understand that with the extensive animosity between a lot of players, there's a sizable gathering that certain people would rather avoid and this allowed us to be more wary of who to invite. This was shortly removed when we implemented a proper officer base when the SG was no longer a small concept but instead a full-blown group in need of administration and a range of opinions.

    While I regret its development of the start, division was not the intent, and there were in fact one or two people I got to know from that list who had done some genuinely good things in the past. We do not avoid anyone, as that is not our intention, nor do we have anything to hide as a group. If people wish to discuss anything, I am contactable in-game and in Discord.

    As for where all this misguided focus started, it happened shortly after the removal of someone who saw it as a blacklist to shame people for their own series of harassments, so take that knowledge as you will.

    I would very much prefer anyone with any such issues to contact me directly, as opposed to making accusations for something that hasn't existed in a very long time. If this continues, it will be reported as harassment.
  • I very much appreciate your answer, and thank you for clearing that up, If you have truly removed the black list, then I can support you all. Apologies if I seemed like I was attacking.
  • gilbournecgilbournec Posts: 12 Arc User
    It's fine. I can understand where the confusion may have come from and I appreciate the willingness to communicate with an open mind. It wasn't a proud time admittedly, and I was trying different things while the SG was brand new, seeing what stuck. That feature most certainly didn't.
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