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FC.31.20190108.2 - Destroyer's Factory

kaizerinkaizerin Posts: 2,092 Cryptic Developer
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Please use these threads for individual feedback:
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Destroyer's Factory
  • We have done a bunch of under the hood changes to this lair. While the majority of the lair should function the same, please check and see if anything is off (missing enemies, moved geometry, environmental stuff not triggering, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where the open mission didn't always display properly in the last room.
  • All enemies are now level scaling.
  • Slightly increased the health of Fake Destroyer and the Mega Destroid.
  • Dr. Destroyer now more strongly favors being at range.
  • Dr. Destroyer's movement speed increases as his health drops.
  • Dr. Destroyer's Sparkstorm attack now removes all debuffs on him and repels targets.
  • Added reward drops. Currently generic.
  • Made some changes to the last room fight. Instead of all of the Mega Destroid parts counting down at the same time, they now count down at different times.
  • Made some changes to what each individual part does (this is also the order of when they're installed):
  • Howlcannon: No change.
  • Shoulder Cannon: No change.
  • Chest Plate: No change. This part adds 30% resistance.
  • Boneboiler: This part was unable to be installed, this has been fixed. This effect places burning patches on the ground.
  • Thunderglove: This power now drags all players into the Mega Destroid and disables all travel powers for a while when used.

  • All Nemesis now have standardized passives that grant damage bonuses and resistances. They also grant a stack of a form buff for power interaction purposes. This has been done somewhat normalize Nemesis difficulty.
  • All Nemesis now have a block power that they can start using at low health.
  • Force Field Nemesis: Now has a power that applies a shield on them.
  • Infernal Nemesis: Now has a lesser version of Pestilence called Cloud of Flies.
  • Bestial Nemesis: Bite and Thrash power now more reliably heal them. Will no longer get stuck in a Frenzy attack loop.

Lance Rain
  • Changed Activation time to 0.83 seconds (from 0.5).
  • Adjusted damage and cost.
  • Increased cooldown to 20 seconds (from 0).
  • Increased area effect to 25ft (from 15).
  • New advantage: Knocks down and Roots targets.

  • Stars purchased from vendors will now automatically be consumed.
  • Stars from drops can now be sold to vendors.
  • Stars from drops now have a stack cap of 20 (from 999).
  • Vikorin now has chance to drop the Vikorin's Headdress device.
  • Fixed a bug with the Winter Helper device stating it summons a wildly overlevel Winter Helper. Updated the Winter Helper to act as a Sidekick.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost Pirate Captain action figure icon was way too big.
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