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Should block spam in pvp be rewarded?

colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 289 Arc User
edited January 2019 in Power Discussion
Costs no power points and if you use break through the block spammer gets the unwavering buff, rendering them almost unkillable (yay). Should unwavering be a thing, at all? Break through costs THREE power points, block spam costs zero points. Is this a good design? Yes? No? Maybe?

Unwavering should be removed from break through, to cut out the block spammer epidemic a little. Don't you agree?


  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,407 Arc User
    No, block game raises the skill ceiling on pvp. Without it you would just be back to cycling.​​
  • colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 289 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Sorry, but spamming block takes no skill. And you're missing the point, even if break through actually connects, the affected target gets a buff (unwavering) afterwards.. That buff has a longer uptime than break through. Not to mention that break through is bugged and often times fails to actually disable block, aswell as only having and uptime of 7 seconds, despite the tooltip stating 8.. because it wears off at 1 sometimes 2 seconds left on the timer. Whoever designed and tested this, clearly has no understanding of how pvp should work.

    You don't pvp often, do you?
  • monaahirumonaahiru Posts: 3,073 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Ah you seem to be very new comer.
    Block is a power. Learn it from all entire game contents. Not just PvP.
    If you only do PvP, just pick [Break Through] in adv. or take huge knock power. o3o
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,407 Arc User
    You don't pvp often, do you?

    I know that good pvpers can drop you in less than 7 seconds when your block is disabled. So, you might want to look elsewhere for the actual issue here.​​
  • rtmartma Posts: 1,193 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Care less about a PvP oriented advantage, Yes, No, Maybe? sounds like you're discouraging defensive game play or you didn't get what you want either way, my personal experience for PvP attempts couldn't last 5 seconds without being spiked to defeat, this was before revamps I might clarify so, exploitation and human nature, you could argue/question that energy builders aren't worth 2 pt advantages ranking up, but here we are.
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    I take this quote from a review that I agree with.

    "customisation is so linear; everyone is after the optimal dps:survivability ratio with 0 reliance on other players = autonomous gameplay... Players don't need each other anymore... which in my opinion is a bad thing."
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