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Please remove timer from Eidolon of the Destruction

monaahirumonaahiru Posts: 3,073 Arc User
edited October 2018 in Suggestions Box
We are having a troll just coming to start timer countdown activate while we are gathering / waiting for enough people to do Eidolon to make this automatic fail.
We don't even have a chance to challenge to do Eido also still bugging now. Prototype? is the name of his character.

Please remove a timer from Eidolon. All the work done to unlock Eidolon became waste of time by those trolls or small mistake done by someone.
Timer goes 1 hour and then other 1 hour cool down are so ridiculous.

And wish for some fix.

Red orb heals Eido. Then Green orb should just explode in time, but not healing Eido also on this Green.
And if it possible, I hope for the fix while those orbs NOT spawning same time while Geyser spread out. I think this didn't happen before.
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