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is there a list of powers that are fired from the head i know breath weapons do but what others can


  • andondarkmoreandondarkmore Posts: 424 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    ELECTRIC: Bolt / Lightning Arc / Gigabolt ---(I think there is a device that gives an electric breath like power)

    FIRE: BREATH / Throw / Fire Strike / RImefire Burst / Fireball / Warmth

    FORCE: Bolt / Force Blast / Force Cascade

    WIND: BREATH / Lash / Typhoon

    ICE: BREATH / Shards / Ice Blast / Ice Spear

    POWER ARMOR: Bolts / Eye Beam

    TELEKINESIS: Dart / Telekinetic Wave / Ego Choke

    TELEAPTHY: Lash (not by default) / Ego Sprites / Empathic healing / Psionic Healing

    MIGHT: Wield Earth / Hyper Voice / Unleashed rage

    CELESTIAL: Radiance / Celestial cleansing

    DARK: Bolt / Blast / Life Drain / Ebon Ruin

    ARCANE: Bolt / Blast (Not Really - Looks like blast forms in front of chest)

    INFERNAL: BREATH / Bolt / Blast / Defile / Soul Mesmerism

    Let me know if I missed anything.
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