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The Scarlet Shield Memorial College

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General IC Information

Located on Scherwinski Road, north of Memorial Park in Millennium City, the Scarlet Shield Memorial College first appears as a mundane community college, a stepping stone to the higher education of Millennium City University. But to the superheroic community, there lies a secret facility dedicated to the training of aspiring heroes. It advertises itself, in channels normally accessible to a new rising hero, as a place anyone can come to discover how to aid in the fight against justice, be it by learning about the esoteric aspects of the occult, discovering how to better use their abilities, or giving the means to fight crime to those who have no powers of their own. Named after the Scarlet Shield, a popular hero in old Detroit, its faculty stands to teach their students that it takes more than just a set of nifty powers to be a superhero.

OOC information

This SG strives to create an environment similar to Ravenswood Academy, but without the oppressive and rigid system it enforces on students, and for young adults rather than teenage heroes. Heroes of all kinds, not just those with superpowers, can take the classes offered, which range from the elusive secrets of the mystic world, to the creation of new and marvelous super-technology. These classes aren't meant to ramrod members into certain themes either - it's all information heroes may need when they find themselves in the field, combating whatever supervillain, mythological beast, or biological horror they may come across. Professors and students alike will have the opportunity to generate stories within the school's setting as well.

Contact Information

Currently we're searching for more people interested in having their characters play as students. If interested, contact @WolfShroud in game, or Bookahlogist Heckii#0295! If interested in a role as an instructor, also feel free to ask for roles that haven't yet been filled, or suggest your own!
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