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Build points per level?

So I've been trying to translate characters I've created in CO into Champions Tabletop, specifically 5th edition Hero System. But the online game uses a leveling mechanic unlike the tabletop game with is point based. So is there a translation rule? Any suggestions?


  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 1,536 Arc User
    Several years ago, before Hero Games suffered its downsizing, there had been plans by the company to publish a translation matrix between Hero System and CO. But with resources dwindling it became a low priority. At this point it's extremely unlikely to ever happen.

    Given the fundamental structural and mechanical differences between the two games, any matrix could only have been a rough approximation at best. Enough to get someone in the ballpark, perhaps, but still requiring a lot of tuning. That's been true even for conversions between Hero System and other tabletop RPGs.
  • synthozoicsynthozoic Posts: 61 Arc User
    Okay, I'll wing it then. I was just checking.
  • cptpatriotcptpatriot Posts: 6 Arc User
    This game does not make it easy to do a translation like that, but consider the threats you've faced in the progression of the game.

    Not including the tutorial, at level 6 you are fighting street level stuff, mainly gang members then moving up to your first 3 health bar threat with Weylan Talos. You reach level 10 about after facing off against Kevin Poe. From there, you are working larger threats to a section of the city with the prison break and a mounting escalation of hostilities in Westside.

    You are gaining large improvements in power and ability and by level 14 - 17 you have generally enough powers to hold your own as a normal hero being about 350 points worth. Beyond that, the scale kinda breaks down with the wide change in locations and more exotic threats.
  • servantrulesservantrules Posts: 287 Arc User
    I'd suggest 50 to 100 point increments every 10 levels. It's not 100% accurate, but should be close enough. Also consider having some sort of "cap" inherent in the game for stats and powers. For instance, 500+ STR in CO still won't let you push buildings down but PNP Hero System, 100 STR can lift 25 Kilotons, throwing buses casually.
  • bricedaurybricedaury Posts: 14 Arc User
    I would convert them much the same way I used to convert CoH characters to PnP Champions- 250 points for starting characters with +10 character points per Game level until at level 40 you are roughly 640+ characters, which can be significantly powerful with the right builds. Hope that helps as a suggestion.
  • bricedaurybricedaury Posts: 14 Arc User
    PS: I should add that the above formula is used with 5th Edition rules as I fundamentally disagree with the design changes made to the rules in 6th edition, although there are a few nice things in it (Damage Negation? Bout time!)
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