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Block spam, break through adv. cost and unwavering.

colonelwingcolonelwing Posts: 189 Arc User
edited August 2018 in Power Discussion
Block spam is free, yet break through costs 3 advantage points.. that seems unfair and should get looked into.
The tacked on unwavering buff needs to go, because tanks already have a ton more advantages over non tanks and this abomination of a buff is making things even worse. Don't get me wrong, i am not asking to get the old (good) break through from crippling challenge back, i am suggesting the removal of unwavering (which is bugged anyway, see my bug report for details) and a lower advantage point cost for break through, because as i explained.. block spam does not cost 3 points.

Getting hit while blocking should deplete energy, this would solve the infinite block disaster and balance the game a little bit. The depletion should scale with the incoming damage, so big hits break block quicker than smaller ones. This should only apply to pvp, not pve.

Thanks for reading.
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