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IS SMG and Gatling Gun Redundant?

Playing the soldier archetype and I seem to be killing stuff faster with my smg then trying to mess with Gatling gun, Gatling gun takes all my energy and people are still alive, and i'm left to pew pew my pistol. I'm level 15 by the way. Thank you.


  • bluhmanbluhman Posts: 2,267 Arc User
    At endgame, you're going to be using Gatling Gun a lot more since it pumps out way more DPS. The main issue is that you don't get access to your Energy Unlock, Killer Instinct, until level 25, which is going to boost your energy generation way up once you get there and allow you to use Gatling Gun way more.

    Once you get to that level, you'll likely want to retool your SMG into a support weapon. My suggestion personally is to equip it with Wall of Bullets and Aggression, which will make it useful for dealing some DOT on top of other attacks, and then supply you with a solid shield while you're maintaining it, which then otherwise makes it a great option for continuing to do some damage while surviving aggro.

    Before then though, go all out on SMG with a rank 3, by all means. It's lower damage, but more efficient and much easier to use since it covers a bigger area.

    My recommended build once you get to 40, or at least past level 25, is:
    http://aesica.net/co/herocreator.htm?v=30&n=Bluhman's Recommended Engame Soldier Build&d=85270KWIKGNP01304181008A0K850C9903A8008K03JC018R038E008O018J058T03000000000tcK1JgP0EB6500000000&e=UHJpb3JpdGl6ZSBFZ28gU3RhdHRpbmcgYWJvdmUgYWxsIGVsc2UuCk9mZmVuc2U6IENyaXQgU2V2ZXJpdHkgYW5kIE9mZmVuc2UKRGVmZW5zZTogSFAgQm9vc3QKVXRpbGl0eTogRWZmaWNpZW5jeQ~~
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 15,305 Arc User
    bluhman wrote: »
    Before then though, go all out on SMG with a rank 3, by all means. It's lower damage, but more efficient and much easier to use since it covers a bigger area.

    SMG with Wall of Bullets is actually more useful while leveling up. I'd be more inclined to say that if you wanted to use SMG/Bullet Hail for their wide area and damage that you take one with Wall of Bullets and R2, and take the other with R3 and Extra Bullets, then use the Extra Bullets one when you don't have aggro, and the Wall one when you do.

    As to the original question, no they're not redundant. Gatling Gun and SMG/Bullet Hail are very different powers and each will have a situation where they are more valuable. Gatling Gun is long range, applies debuff and does good damage on closely stacked targets, but it self roots. SMG/BH are medium range, wide area, and leave you completely mobile - throw in extra bullets to complement all that, or Wall of Bullets to trade damage for toughness.

    If all you do is cosmics then what matters is if you use Uncompromising on Assault Rifle. If you do, then SMG/Bullet Hail will help you stack Furious while Gatling Gun will help you maintain it. If you don't use Uncompromising then SMG/Bullet Hail with Wall of Bullets is still useful at Kiga during snowstorms.

    If you do more than cosmics, then both powers will remain useful to you in many situations.​​
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