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Since the Vindicator loop was fixed, I have this question...

criswolf09criswolf09 Posts: 628 Arc User
edited August 2018 in Power Discussion
I am a Silver player and have unlocked all the ATs available in the Z-Store by Q-Farming. Considering many DPS Archetypes have the Vindicator and Guardian/Warden combination, is it a good idea to spend 2 spec points in Aggresive Stance when I only use Heroic Gear?
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  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 9,600 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Well, aside from Merciless, your other options in that tier are RoB or Initiative. The former can be decent self-healing in some cases; the latter is a bit non-ideal cause it takes end building in the first place, but does at least reward you some for having to end build. Ofc, you can also be upgrading your gear later as well. Up to you.
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