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Best power for fast reliable bleed (prefer aoe)

redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 105 Arc User
Using my infernal, have a few of powers that do better if the target is bleeding. (advs on venomous breath, Devour essence)
I have been using Barbed Lariat with Open wounds to apply bleed, mostly cause I thought the pull would be useful to being into melee range for DE. But I find I am not using it all that often. Its usually faster to just cover the distance, then to pull.

So I am thinking of swapping for something else to apply bleed. I don't want any of the single blade ones. Something I can pop off before venomous breath to high proc on stun and poison stacks.

Trying to decide what would work best:
  • Throwing blades. w/ aggression. Can tap for instant aoe bleed in melee range. Charge for bleed at range. Decent opener
  • Controllable pets. Fire and forget. But less control over what they will hit. Not sure how reliable the bleed application is.
  • Curse w/ needles - Nice advantages and synergy, but will only bleed 1 target. Feels like the opposite of what I am looking for. Better to curse after the breath, not before, to get the most advantage of the aoe stun. And I'm not a fan of the voodoo doll effect
  • Shred. Not sure if it is single target or aoe cone though.

I know there are other bleed sources, but these seem to fit most with what I am looking for.
I guess I am leaning towards the blades. But curious if there is something else I should be considering.
Any devices that can proc bleed reliably? Etc.



  • jojenmaihemjojenmaihem Posts: 161 Arc User
    Shred and Frenzy are Cone AoE they do Bleed in % and this % is doubled if you are Enraged (Aspect of the Bestial or Enrage forms) then you have Bite w/ Scent of Blood charged to half to spread afflictions.

    Those are the skills that apply bleed in AoE and aren't from Blade.
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,889 Arc User
    Lacerating Cyclone can bleed and rope in enemies w/ Vortex, though its a bit costly. SMG Burst and Bullet Hail can also bleed w/ advs (guaranteed if in melee range), but they are prob not thematic here.

    I may just stick to Throwing Blades w/ adv, though, since its guaranteed to apply bleed from ranged (Scything Blade does too, though its melee).
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