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How Good is Night Warrior?

merlinmonroemerlinmonroe Posts: 40 Arc User
At low levels, I've found Night Warrior to be awesome in surprise attacks, but not so good after that. I can kill a group of trash mobs using Ricochet Throw, and can insta kill a boss. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of surviveability if I need more than that initial attack.
In addition, surprise killing everything gets a bit dull.
Does regular combat get better at higher levels?


  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 10,582 Arc User
    You don't have to play that way if you don't want to. But yes, there's more challenging group content available, and you can always solo w/ higher difficulty settings for instances. Normal solo/leveling content is generally pretty easy overall.

    NW is a good generalist dps passive, even if you don't use its Sneak functionality.
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,407 Arc User
    At low levels just about anything will destroy NPCs if you're using a dps type build - night warrior w/ boomerangs is definitely at the top of the heap for that. It's also really great for any build that uses charged attacks regularly.

    Combat will get somewhat better at higher levels, but as long as you're using NW/RT combo you are always going to obliterate at least part of any groups you face and in many cases will continue dropping entire groups with 1-3 ricochet throws.

    Grab Alerts will likely be a bit more satisfying for you, so start doing those as soon as you can. Custom alerts too. Once you hit 40 there will be much more interesting stuff available to you as well, like the Warzone.
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