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Sentinel vs Sentry...

jojenmaihemjojenmaihem Posts: 161 Arc User
...for a DPS/Combo-Healer (Arbiter Mastery)?

Sentinel give more heal output but Sentry give enhances if you do more criticals or damage.

Which one can be more useful for this purpose?


  • hasukurobihasukurobi Posts: 397 Arc User
    Depends really heavily on the rest of the build IMHO. If you are going to stun things frequently then Taking the mastery that gives a super Mend for that can be extremely effective for healing. You can break this with venomous breath. If you are just going to throw around an occasional heal but mostly focus on single target damage with crits then Sentry.
  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,508 Arc User
    If you want to do more raw healing, take Sentinel. The Sentinel Aura is pretty good and the tree caters quite a bit to CC and Healing effects. If your build has a good crit rating, then Sentry can make you a bit more powerful all around with its Buffs on Crit and bonus Gear Defense and (meager) Resistance aura.​​
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