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% healing boost vs Pre increase for Healing

Playing an infernal support healer. Pre as primary stat.
If I have one set of gear with % boost to healing, vs gear that boost PRE, which is the better option for maximizing healing. With diminishing returns on stats is there a point where adding 50-60 Pre from gear will give would be less effective then gear with high healing bonuses? (before mods added)

PRE obviously helps other things as a primary (And auras as well), so it may never make sense overall, but curious as to how the math works out.

Similar questions could be asked for others bonuses as well. (Con vs %HP, Dex vs %Off/Def/Crit, etc) So if there is a general formula/rule, that would help many people.


Best Answer

  • kamokamikamokami Posts: 1,633 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    For healing specifically, %boosts from gear maximize healing more than added PRE. This is because healing bonuses from gear do not have diminishing returns.

    That's not the case for other bonuses. Each comparison deserves its own question as there is no general formula at the moment.


  • redcastle56redcastle56 Posts: 105 Arc User
    Well that makes it simple then. I guess since healing is limited since there is no overheal, that it doesnt really overbalance much, All you are really doing is cutting down how fast you heal back up to full. Shaving off a few seconds. Or allowing you to keep up with higher DPS rates.

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