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Return of deliciousness

fudgemonstafudgemonsta Posts: 1,591 Arc User
Hot damn I can't believe this place and game is still kicking.

This is more of a 'what up I'm back' post I suppose. Go by Fudge here usually, still recognize some names here and there. Been bouncing around in game again and it's honestly refreshing to see some things stay the same and others change. Feels a bit cleaner to do things, lots of condensed tokens and such. Really nice, I won't complain about it.

Don't really have much else to say I suppose at the moment. Just glad to see things haven't been too on fire.

Deliciously nutritious!


  • grondgrindergrondgrinder Posts: 19 Arc User
    Welcome back!

    Yeah, we´re still alive and kicking. There´s been a number of patches to condese the currencies, especially around events.
    "Thumbs up for the triumph of the human spirit, or thumbs down to summon a day of holocaust that will never end?" - Glorious Godfrey
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