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Nightmare Colossus bug

stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
During the fight with the Nightmare Colossus I'm losing all my End and my toggle just disappears. Nothing I do will generate End, so all I can do is block until it pops back up. This was originally brought up by extrasoft in the Release Notes thread.

extrasoft : Since this new update I have been having pretty serious gameplay issues. During Collossi fights I lose ALL my buffs, even my own passive, toggle and Energy Unlock fails to work:


(copy and paste above link please, since apparently links are dangerous and I'm not allowed to post them "yet")

The 50 player cap has done nothing to help with this, but what's odd is that it never happened before during the last NI event. This happens whether I am Lead Tempesting near the orbs or PBRing the Colossus from max range. Full zones. half empty zones, in team up or not, same bug.

(Would have posted in bugs section but apparently not allowed to create threads "yet")​​


  • Thank you for creating this thread, stratluver!

    This only happens on my silver freeform slot character, K9 K8. My Specialist AT has no trouble at all during these fights.​​
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
    It's still happening. So. last night I did a quick test.

    I was using Lead Tempest. Spamming it for a while everything was going good. Then I noticed I had no End. Looked up and all buffs were gone. I can't generate End with any method. After what felt like a minute buffs started coming back up slowly.

    I then decided to go after the Colossus using 2 Gun Mojo. Spamming that for the remainder of the fight there were no problems.

    I'll test my main tonight. He uses Chain Cyclone. I think I had a similar problem with that. We'll see.

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