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What the @*&% is this %^*&!

nephtnepht Posts: 6,871 Arc User
edited July 2016 in Off Topic
Ok some of you guys know I love Street Fighter. Like really love that series....but SFV well ...Nepht was disappoint. Nepht continues too disappoint. Juri is out for Street Fighter V so yay all is well in the world? NOPE NOPE NOPE. Capcom have somehow by releasing Juri made SFV actually worse.

How you ask? Well listen to this pile of utter arse.

WTF...why...how....Capcom plz can you not :I

And this is how it should sound.

Nepht and Dr Deflecto on primus
They all thought I was out of the game....But I'm holding all the lockboxes now..


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