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Aiko's Thirteenth Birthday Bash

sapphiechusapphiechu Posts: 259 Arc User

Aiko's Thirteenth Birthday Bash

Aiko is celebrating her introduction to being a teenager with two days of celebration!

On Thursday, 6pm server-time, Aiko will be holding one of her Scavenger Hunts. The hunt will take place in the South-west Desert. Players are to assemble just outside the main entrance to the Snake Gulch Cowboy Robot Amusement Park, where you will be asked to attend in suitable cowboy attire. Best 2 costumes of the evening will win a prize. [event over]

Then, on Friday, 7pm server-time, Aiko will hold a four category Costume Contest in the Renaissance Center Powerhouse Theater, the categories being:
  • Rule 63 — create a cross-gender homage of an established Champions Online character, be they villain or hero.
  • Runner-up: Mindshift. Winner: Panda
  • Super Group Pride — show off your super group colors and impress your peers.
  • Runner-up: Thrk'trrk'xth. Winner: Noir Owl.
  • Best Hat — Exactly what it says. Make your hat stand out better than anyone else's. Bobble-head aura disallowed for this category.
  • Runner-up: Lolliepop. Winner: Aurora.
  • Make em' Laugh — Silly is the name of the game. Make Aiko laugh and the best funny costume will win.
  • Runner-up: Pandora. Winner: Mischa, Felix and Boots.
There will be a winner AND runner-up for each category.
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