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Soldier should have a choice between smg and gatling gun

damn2112damn2112 Posts: 6 Arc User
Whats the point of getting two abilitys that hit mutiple targets at once? Soldier should atleast have a choice between submachine gun and gatling gun to be honest.


  • xacchaeusxacchaeus Posts: 308 Arc User
    i have both, and use both depending on the situation
  • chalupaoffurychalupaoffury Posts: 2,553 Arc User
    That'd hardly be a choice at all. Shotgun covers the arc dps pretty darn well, and minigun is another level of damage entirely from SMG.
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  • kallethenkallethen Posts: 1,576 Arc User
    Functionally, the two are quite different. Submachine gun is a cone area affect, which is useful when enemies are spread out. Gatling gun is a longer range cylinder attack, useful for concentrated fire at a distance. Different tools for different situations.​​
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  • qawsadaqawsada Posts: 728 Arc User
    My Main is a Soldier and I would say this. Submachine Gun does not root, has a wider but shorter range, and can bleed. Gatling gun is a monster as a long distance aoe dps, but you're rooted. They are both good in what they're suppose to do and in the situation they're given. You were given a Rocket Launcher as an alternate choice, so choose that if that bothers you, and I would personally rather see Holdout Shot as an alternate choice to the Submachine Gun instead.
  • chalupaoffurychalupaoffury Posts: 2,553 Arc User
    I never take frag grenade, shotgun's got that spammable utility thing going on that I'm a big fan of.

    Takes all sorts, I guess. I also never rank SMG because I have a shotgun.
    In game, I am @EvilTaco. Happily killing purple gang members since May 2008.
    RIP Caine
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