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Is This Normal?

I guess Dino wanted me dead. Like really Really dead :p


  • nacito#6758 nacito Posts: 896 Arc User
    (If I were you, I would put that on my signature)

    hmmm, maybe she was on her period? :P
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  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Posts: 4,908 Arc User
    1 MILLION damage? Wow...
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  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    I'd wager that happened because someone did something they shouldn't have to the baby, so I'd assume that to be normal.​​
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  • biffsmackwellbiffsmackwell Posts: 4,739 Community Moderator
    That's that block bug with AoRP happening. The more stacks of that thing you have, the more damage it will do if you block. Blocking has the reverse effect when that happens; instead of reducing damage, it multiplies it. Developers are trying to chase this bug down.

    As far as dealing that much damage in the first place? Baby may have been too far away? Teleiosaurus gets a huge "I will kill anyone with one hit" buff when baby is too far away.
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
    I was running AoRP. Can't say that I saw more than one buff of that though. I thought they fixed that? That's why I even took my healer to these.

    And it was while we were trying to reset. So, the baby was probably still around.

    I'm always amazed at how often my healer gets targeted. Doesn't matter that I'm not doing anything or my distance. Once I'm targeted I'm marked for death :'(

  • rtmartma Posts: 1,195 Arc User
    Looks like Mama was mad.
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  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,684 Cryptic Developer
    That looks like Teleiosaurus's damage/armor pen hike she gets when Hatchling is too far away possibly coupled with a few stacks of the Radiation Breath debuff.​​
  • m1ndfr1km1ndfr1k Posts: 179 Arc User
    dont play this :):):):) next time
  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 7,028 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    kaizerin said:

    That looks like Teleiosaurus's damage/armor pen hike she gets when Hatchling is too far away possibly coupled with a few stacks of the Radiation Breath debuff.​​

    Nah, if he'd been hit by the radiation breath debuff he'd already be dead because of the radiation breath, unless the debuff range is longer than the breath range. I've seen similar things more than once, though with somewhat lower numbers (only a couple hundred thousand), I figured the toxic spit had its own debuff.
  • stratluverstratluver Posts: 287 Arc User
    This is going by memory and I'm old so bear with me :p

    I'm pretty sure I just made it back from respawning. I was standing on the hill for the reset. Players were still messing with her and the baby. Someone aggro'd her uphill and I saw a big green loogy heading right at me. Can't remember if I blocked or not. All I remember is those massive red numbers lol. Took a screenshot to share and back to the fight.

    So, that's it. Stood there like the good little threat magnet my healer is and took a massive hit. I WAS in a "teamup" team. Had AoRP, AoPM and maybe AoPR. How many of each I can't remember.

  • chaelkchaelk Posts: 7,732 Arc User
    that is truly impressive, that's definately signature material​​
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