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Accurate Information on New Bestial Powers

theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User

As the title says, I'm looking for reliable information on the new Bestial powers as I have...two builds which use Bestial and I think they could make good use of the new powers.

Advice on "ideal" combinations of powers as well as general information on Bestial would be very much appreciated.



  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,925 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    A good deal of dps rotations possible that can be good:

    - Shred w/ PS adv -> Massacre spam (old but still good; now get Bloody Mess); is better using Enrage over AotB.
    - alternate Shred w/ adv -> Massacre w/ Brawler's Setup.
    - Shred_Bite to 5x Bleed -> Eviscerate Rupture (uses Deep Wounds).
    - Shred_Bite to 5x Bleed -> spam Thrash, tap Evisc w/ adv to refresh bleed/shredded.
    - Poison stack options: Frenzy w/ poison adv or Bite w/ Rabies to 5x DP -> spam Thrash (w/ Fester if you want to debuff enemy dmg), refresh poison w/ Rabies Bite or Infernal Blast. Can work w/ AotI w/if ya want an Ego_Int focus (instead of Str + AotB). Can stack both bleeds and poisons this way, and Bite w/ Rabies and Scent of Blood can refresh/spread both. Can also throw Defile's debuff in there. Takes longer to stack poison on avg than bleeds.

    Quick power info:

    > Shred - take the PS adv and an Enraged-granting toggle for best synergy. High chance of applying Bleeds and Shredded. Strong basic attack w/ minor AoE reach. Is now flagged as an AoE.
    > Bite - taps can stack bleed (and w/ Rabies, poison); advs can allow it to spread and refresh poison and/or bleed. On charge, it instead ruptures Bleeds for a potentially powerful self-heal (Consumption) whose heal depends on the stacks of Bleed consumed. Can also be made to stun and apply/refresh Furious w/ the Furor adv. Bite's role can vary widely now depending on how ya use it and how you've ranked it up.
    > Frenzy - more AoE reach than Shred, but lower chances to apply Bleed, and cannot be made to apply Shredded. Can be made to apply/stack poison, though, and can also be made to stack Furious w/ the Fear Sense adv (changed from being a dmg boost to Feared targets). Is now properly flagged as a combo (and an AoE).
    > Eviscerate - like Bite, its functionality drastically changes w/ tap vs. charge. With the Messy adv, it can refresh Shredded even on tap. Evis refreshes bleeds on tap innately, and on full charge it instead Ruptures them to apply Deep Wounds- a high dmg DoT that lowers resistance, but also prevents you from re-applying bleeds for the duration. Eviscerate cannot be spammed as it has a short cd.
    > Thrash - Functions like a Slashing dmg version of DE, but its heal varies much more w/ bleed stacks (heal is weaker at low stacks, but much stronger than DE at max stacks). Thrash can also debuff enemy dmg via applying poison and using its special adv (the stacks seem to cap at 3, or -15% dmg).
    > Massacre - no longer refreshes bleeds sometimes; more focused on being a knock + straight dmg filler now. Bloody Mess is now a proper 30% dmg boost w/ a Bleed (or Deep Wounds), so even w/o its refreshing properties it can still be a strong attack.
    > Antagonize - a block enhancer that is rather strong at baseline, due to giving you stacking effects when blocking and getting hit (knock resist, and either dmgRes or better move speed, depending on range). Note that you can gain both stacks of 'Cornered' and 'Antagonize' independently if both ranged and melee mobs are hitting you. Its special adv has a chance of applying poison or bleed to attackers. Has a bit of a stark visual aura when activated, but hopefully ya can work around that theme-wise.
    > Feint - its another Brute Strike re-skin *shrug*. Stun at baseline, and can apply or refresh Trauma w/ its special adv. PvP move, or if ya wanna make a weird Manip build, I guess.
    > Pounce - its Furious Rush adv is now potentially useful as it can apply/refresh Furious, for a crit and heal-when-attacked buff (as seen in other powersets, like Muni). Can still stack Enrage via its KD. This is one of the few useful lunges to use for dps instead of just utility (gap closing, MSA trigger, CripC apply, etc).
    > Howl - eh, hasn't been changed. Still not great outside of mainly refreshing Enraged! stacks out-of-combat. Can apply Fear (though many other powers can do that), and it can also buff allies a bit too (though a stack of Enraged being of much use to allies is a diff story). Normal ranks lower its base cd.
    > Aggressor - In Might, but notable here cause it now properly gives 1+ stack of Enraged! if using AotB.

    There's more, but I figured those were worth highlighting.

    Massacre, Thrash, and Evis are pretty costly, so if ur using any of them heavily then ya may want a bit more End and Rec.
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  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,812 Arc User

    Thank you very much for this information. This is pretty much what I was looking for! Hopefully others find it useful too.
  • flowcytoflowcyto Posts: 11,925 Arc User
    Yea np. I prob should have covered more, but I wanted it to be kinda bite-sized. Maybe other players w/ their own experiences w/ Bestial SN can provide their own tips and insight, cause I know there's some ardent players of it in CO.
    <CO stuff> .: Petco :. // PSA on Power Activation Delay // Ayonachan's Gift Horse (misc stat data)
    - Be safe and have fun, champs - for science!
  • kelbornekelborne Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    So far the best results I've had with the new bestial is : Shred w/PS to 5 bleeds-> Massacre /w bloody mess spam, while weaving in Eviscerate w/messy taps(do not rupture bleeds) to refresh both shredded and your bleeds. Using deep wounds seems to actually lower dps cause the time you spend rebuilding bleeds is time you are not spending using Massacre, which is your bread and butter dps.
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