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Nuclear ShockWave Redesgin and Minor Rework

waterfusewaterfuse Posts: 3 Arc User
Hi There everyone, I wanted to talk about Nuclear Shockwave as is is now ( this being written on 2/29/2016 ). I knew that the power was really weak and expensive in a utility-sense, but I still wanted it because of the animation and theme it would bring my character. This being based of the idea the power would be animated the same way Onslaught Villain Grond has when he uses it. When I finally bought the power and saw the animation was a re-skin of the Heavy Weapons Brimstone attack without the weapon it was....... Heart Breaking.

I am writing ( More like typing but eh, same difference ) Hoping that people will see and want to have the power become
its own unique creation having the same level of amazing utility and desire the other OV powers have.

With that said Let's move on to the changes I believe can be made to the power.
  • Animation: The animation should Mirror what OV Grond and some other NPC enemies do which is a Ground Pound. This is a link to a discussion I found with a similar Idea to what I want to do as well: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline#/discussion/comment/12720566. That's All I have on animation Let move on to the Minor Rework Now
    • Damage Typing: This thought came more from personal reasoning/theme building than utility. The Power set it belongs to is fine.The Might Tree fits handsomely for this power, BUT it's damage shouldn't be Crushing and Particle, it should be Particle and Sonic damage. The main idea behind this is off of how it work.

      ~For example: Let's take the regular Shockwave power and examine why it works having Pure Sonic damage even though it is in the Might Tree. Paraphrasing the powers excerpt, You basically beat the ground so hard it creates a drum effect that can send waves to attack people and possibly knock them off their feet. Keep in mind the underlying message behind that: your beating a form of matter hard enough to create another form of mater by "crushing" the original substance with enough force to create minor explosions leading to larger and larger constructive inferences that manifest into physical waves able to "knock" anything in it's path.Thus Shockwave Cosmetically and Practically fits into the Might Tree.

      ~Now take Nuclear Shockwave with its power statement verbatim: You Unleash a wave of nuclear energy in front of you decimating foes. This statement is my reasoning for wanting the change to the power; because you ( this being your character ) are not using a physical mean to come in contact with the opponent and harm them. The radiation coincides with the "particle" aspect of the power causing the initial burst of damage while the way it travels (electromagnetic wave) determines its effectiveness and other secondary effects. Thus Instead of your (character) "Crushing" matter you're "irradiating" Your surroundings and happen to send them in a shockwave at the opponent by collecting said radiation into your fist and slamming it into the ground letting it break down all in its path.

      *Some would say at this Point it would be more appropriate for the power to be placed in the infernal power set since what I'm talking about is technically a type of poisoning. While I can see that perspective it is better in the Might Tree because of how the attack contacts the opponent. In the Infernal tree your expending the enemies vitality by rending their natural bodily function mute. With Nuclear Shortwave on the other hand, your firing a wave at the opponent.
      In dry air, sound travels at 343 meters per second (768 mph). At this rate sound will travel one mile in around five seconds. Sound travels 4 times faster in water (1,482 meters per second) and around 13 times faster through steel (4,512 meters per second).
      Opponents will be damaged by the overwhelming amounts of sound waves being bounced off of them and inside their bodies. This form of damaging an enemy parallels itself more to a boxers punch rather than a type of poisoning, because the opponent has the face value of a punch with the after effect of sound "rattling" throughout their body instead of a process where the focus is caused by weakening the opponent's natural recovery process. In short it IMO ( In my opinion) the power is where it belongs*

      There is probably more I could talk about when it comes to this power but I'm not technically advance enough to understand the computing aspects required to even begin talking about the Other issues, so I began with the ones I believed where both the easiest and the least time consuming if they are worked on. As I said before it wasn't the fact that the power had low damage, I'm a theme build and can always find ways to make the powers I have work with me, I was more disappointed in the animation design because I thought it would be exactly like the way the OV uses the power. I won't stop playing because champions is my favorite game, but it would mean the world to myself and I believe many others if these changes were to be implemented.

      Thanks for reading and See ya in game!


  • notyuunotyuu Posts: 1,121 Arc User
    Orrrr...they could just buff the damage by 1000% and give it a CD, that way it deals 6-12K in total on demand, with a moderate CD.
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    Yeah some things are broken... no I don't use/abuse them.. where would be the fun in that?
  • noyjitatpwenoyjitatpwe Posts: 98 Arc User
    Isn't this like gronds version of what we have called shockwave? I was a bit confused to find out it was a charge power and even more so that it does way less damage than all of the onslaught power unlocks. I mean what purpose is it supposed to serve? I could pick any other charge aoe power that does way more damage and have other uses without even putting advantage points in them.
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