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Please complete unfinished sets

brasston2501brasston2501 Posts: 45 Arc User
One of the best things about this game is the versatility of the costume creator. But one of the more frustrating aspects is where there are AMAZING costume pieces, that seem unfinished.

Raw Muscle is fantastic. I love the level of detail on it, and it's a great set for my rough and tumble regenerator character who jumps into battle heedless of bullets, blades, fires. Problem is...it has no head, hands, or feet. I fudge it with the scary Scarecrow face, Ro'in Esh hands and feet. But the colors/textures don't quite match up properly.

Arcane Tattoos. Again, a lovely set. Very versatile for tattoos, a scarified Mage, and now with the ghost aura we have a fantastic option for water/goo/slime characters that looks so freaking good. But it doesn't have hair, hand, or feet textures.... Which leaves your liquid characters looking like they are wearing a wig. I haven't tested it yet but the new Psionic hair might work to offset that part of it. Still though, seriously, what does this game have against hands and feet?

Tendrils. A cool texture that works well for someone with a symbiotic creature on them (like Venom/ Carnage), battle damaged nanite hive armor, scars, etc. But it is only on the torso. No pants, hands, or feet option to complete the look.

These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head at 4:45am. I'm sure there are more. I would love to see some work done to fleshing out and completing these sets.


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