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Known Power Bugs

carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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About This Thread
This first two comments provide a summary of all issues. For details of each bug, please see the follow-up posts. If a developer would like more information regarding potential exploits, please PM me.

When a power bug can give a player a significant and potentially unintended advantage, that bug may be considered an exploit. Please do not post exploits publicly. If you would like to mention such a bug (or are wondering whether a bug may fit exploit criteria), PM it to me to err on the side of caution. I'm keeping track of such bugs on an unposted list that will be sent privately to the developers.

If you would like to add a forum-safe bug to the list, feel free to post it in a comment or a PM. If you would like to argue an opinion about a particular bug, please keep your argument brief and limited to a single post. I appreciate everyone's passion for power performance, but I would prefer to keep this thread neutral in opinion and avoid prolonged debates. Once both sides of an argument are presented, the final decision is up to the developers.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Thunderstrike: unreliable Negative Ions
    Lightning Arc: occasional two-handed animation

    Conflagration: flagging issue at ranks 2 and 3

    Crushing Wave: Concentration untriggerable through maintain
    Personal Force Field: incorrect scaling in Burst alerts; inconsistent regeneration rate
    Redirected Force: crushing buff stacks to infinity

    Updraft: animation bug while jumping

    Ice Sheath: Supercooled advantage is broken

    Quarry: stat boost cap does not match description
    Focused Shot: inertial movement interrupts charge

    Sonic Device: which targets are stunned differs from description
    Nanobot Swarm: cooldown reduction reduces effectiveness
    On-Next-Hit: circumstances cause the ability to not fire

    Targeting Computer: Power Bolts not buffed
    Overdrive: misleading description; several powers should trigger Overdrive, but do not
    Lightwave Slash: incorrectly labeled as a Bleed
    Rocket Punch: cannot be recolored as claimed
    Particle Smash: Ranged description conflicts with Melee mechanics

    Form of the Swordsman: Cut Where It Counts breaks in a new instance
    Form of the Tiger: not triggered by Ego Blade charge attacks
    Night Warrior (Sneak): conflicting description
    Rend And Tear: Shredded refresh issue
    Backhand Chop: Focus refresh issue
    Shuriken Throw: Chained Kunai derpy animation

    Telekinetic Burst: does not trigger Concentration; damage unaffected by most toggle forms
    Telekinetic Assault: GFX frequently do not activate; Explosive Potential calculates from base rank
    Ego Weaponry: description error
    Kinetic Darts: energy builder triggers Concentration
    Telepathic Reverberation: GFX triggering bug; GFX color inconsistency
    Congress of Selves: resistance and penetration bonuses broken; erroneous description
    Manipulator: several powers should trigger Manipulator, but do not
    Mental Leech: description mismatch; sound issue; color issue
    Shadow of Doubt: description errors; sound issue
    Mind Break: sound issue
    Ego Blast: description mismatch on Mind Opener advantage
    Lance Rain: automatic full charge; not flagged as AoE or Mentalist
    Ego Blade Breach: MC Medusa on the mic
    Mind Control: no SFX

    Annihilate: interrupts own animation
    Land Slide: incorrectly labeled as a Disorient
    Seismic Smash: Ranged description conflicts with Melee mechanics
    Enrage: Endorphin Rush description error; off-form stack does not correctly cap
    Aggressor: does not grant Enrage stack to Aspect of the Bestial
    Roomsweeper: Enrage-stacking bug with occluded objects
    Beatdown: superfluous slashing damage; broken advantage
    Iron Chain: Meteor Hammer uses only Rank 1 damage; inconsistent animation
    Retaliation/Guard: damage buff consumed by active DoTs
    Defensive Combo/b]: multiple Defiant applications

    Radiance: spec-proccing issues; grounded animation when flying
    Rebuke: not influenced by Blast-related specs
    Conviction: bonus health not working as intended; loses SFX when ranked
    Iniquity: power's animation overrides target's animation
    Imbue: improper breakfree value
    Palliate: "can not crit" description different from actual use; uncertainty regarding healing bonuses
    Compassion: unreliable trigger; does not work with Bionic Shielding; misleading description
    Ascension: limited by non-flight travel powers; lunge bug

    Aura of Radiant Protection: multiple AoRP auras disable blocking
    Aura of Primal Majesty: granting higher stat bonus than listed
    March of the Dead: no damage bonus for Rank 2; uses pre-On-Alert pet formula
    Skarn's Bane: GFX do not follow user
    Aura of Arcane Clarity: self-buff to charge time scales only with Presence
    Tyrannon's Familiar: ranged attacks do not generate Power Charge
    Arcane Vitality: self-cast GFX disappear at Rank 3

    Infernal Blast: Virulent Propagation does not correctly refresh poison; Rank 1 animation bug
    Aspect of the Bestial: improper stacking on rank-up
    Frenzy: not impacted by Combo specializations
    Massacre: description does not mention Bleed refresh; flying/underwater animation problems
    Lash: inconsistent animation
    Bestial Fury: flying/underwater animation problems
    Shred: flying/underwater animation problems

    General Travel Powers: animation replaced by rapid walk
    Millenial Flight: description does not reflect actual speed
    Energy Slide: never learned how to swim
    Flying Travel Powers: awkward poses during maintains; overrides block animation
    Ninja Leaves: moving forward/backward drags you down
    Bat Flight: powers work underwater, but not on land/air
    Swinging: Flippin' provides inconsistent bonus
    Tunneling: removes blue arrow for primary mission

    Tough (Constitution tree): gives half the expected health
    Wither (Sentinel tree): no debuff icon
    Rejuvenated (Sentinel tree): does not work with most heal-over-time effects
    Eternal Spring (Sentinel tree): has no effect on self-heals
    Sentinel Mastery: description mismatch; not triggered by certain powers
    Brawler Mastery: description doesn't quantify damage bonus
    Upper Hand (Warden tree): damage increase applied differently than description implies
    Exploit Opening (Ego tree): description mismatch
    Brush It Off (Dexterity tree): does not appear to add any bonus

    Vehicle Weapon Shuffle: inconsistent weapon location in power tray
    Flashbang: camera-based interruption
    Nightmare Generator: overwrites animations
    Neuroelectric Pulse Generator: does not apply knock resistance
    Malfunctioning Mods: some mods have no effect
    Device Cooldowns: inventory freezes when zoning; inconsistent tooltip on fixed cooldowns

    Incorrect Activation Times - Lunges: some are significantly longer than listed
    Incorrect Activation Times - Reverse Lunges: some are significantly longer than listed
    Active Offenses/Defenses: global cooldown description mismatch
    Flat Damage Reduction: eventually expires if a shield is active
    Pet AI: pets frequently stop attacking; targeting ally causes new pets to target ally
    Burst Pets: pets do not properly scale in Burst alerts
    Defense Penetration: does not influence certain powers
    Bubble Toss: objects can be bubbled and thrown
    Damage Bonus Advantages: some erroneously add to the severity layer​​
    Timed Buffs: stacked after changing zones
    Power-Dependent Buffs/Debuffs: certain ones are removed if power is interrupted
    Multi-Powerset Toggle Forms:: do not count for unlocking powers
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    When used against a target currently under the effect of Negative Ions, Thunderstrike frequently reapplies-then-consumes the buff, rather than consumes-then-reapplies. This leaves the target without Negative Ions, which is contrary to the power's description.

    Lightning Arc
    When used after some animations (particularly animations that use both hands), the visual effects for Lightning Arc sometimes emanate from both hands simultaneously.

    Screenshot courtesy of avianos:TWO-HANDED LIGHTNING ARC
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Ranks 2 and 3 of Conflagration receive no boost from the Qwyjibo's Fury mod. Rank 1 behaves properly.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Crushing Wave
    Crushing Wave is the only ranged maintain that cannot trigger Concentration by means of maintaining it. Concentration does not count the initial activation tick of maintains toward its "4 ticks to trigger" total. Because Crushing Wave only has 3 damage ticks after the activation tick, it is incapable of triggering Concentration using this method. Recommend adding one additional damage tick to Crushing Wave's maintain. Note: Crushing Wave is able to trigger Concentration by hitting a target beyond 25 feet away.

    Personal Force Field
    Personal Force Field's shield regeneration does not increase when under the effects of a Burst alert. Additionally, its total shield value appears to fluctuate during Burst alerts.

    PFF's regeneration rate, particularly the bonus rate when blocking in combat, appears inconsistent.

    Redirected Force
    The tooltip says the crushing damage buff stacks up to 10 times. In practice, it can stack well into the hundreds. Every individual application does increase crushing damage, not just the first 10 stacks.

    It is unclear whether the erroneous element is the tooltip or the power's performance.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    When charged during a jump, Updraft's animation suggests a mild case of demonic possession.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Ice Sheath
    The Supercooled advantage does not appear to increase Chill chance against enemies attacking you, and certainly does not guarantee it.​​
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    A while back, patch notes indicated that Quarry's Audacity stat bonus to INT and EGO was capped at a new value of 20 per stack (60 total). The in-game description reflects this new value. But in practice, Audacity still retains its old cap of 30 per stack (90 total).

    Focused Shot
    Focused Shot does not immediately lock your character's movement the same way that Sniper Rifle does. As such, if a character is moving at the start of the activation (even just a little), the charge will cancel. This interruption condition is not mentioned in the description, and is presumably not working as intended.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Sonic Device
    Sonic Device's description suggests that it will always apply its stun to a target. When using a targeted AoE, Sonic Device will only stun the anchor target, and not the additional enemies. When using an untargeted AoE, Sonic Device will not stun anything. If this is working as intended, it is recommended that the power description be updated to reflect this phenomenon.

    Nanobot Swarm
    Cooldown reduction reduces the amount of time taken off with Nanobot Swarm.

    If a player is hit with an untimely knock or hold with an on-next-hit ability (Miniaturization Drive, Sonic Device, or Toxic Nanites) ready to fire, it sometimes does not activate, and will no longer activate until the ability is re-used.

    iamrune offers an explanation:
    Last I heard [which I admit was years ago now, back in Beta] this bug was rooted in a tiny and almost imperceptible delay between a power being activated and actually 'going off' and applying it's buff or other effect, and MAY be due to basic connectivity issues, I.E., seen more often for people with long PING times.

    Back then, I was told that the best fix they had to powers activating and entering cooldown but not actually going off due to CC or Knocks, was trying to tighten up this imperceptible delay as much as possible, and I believe that was done. I think now it happening still are tiny edge cases slipping by even after all that was done, or just really unlucky timing.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Targeting Computer
    Power Bolts is not flagged to receive bonus damage from Targeting Computer.

    Overdrive's description suggests that it scales primarily with Intelligence/Endurance, with a minor impact from Recovery. In practice, it scales primarily with Recovery, with a minor impact from Intelligence/Endurance. The description should be flip-flopped to reflect this order of importance.

    Many powers that should (theoretically) trigger Overdrive do not. These powers are:
    • Arcane Vitality (Maintain)
    • Celestial Conduit (Maintain)
    • Ego/Id Blade Frenzy (Maintain)
    • Ego Storm (Maintain)
    • Ego Storm with Malevolent Manifestation advantage (Toggle)
    • Empathic Healing (Maintain)
    • Energy Storm, Consume Energy (Maintain)
    • One Hundred Hands (Maintain)
    • Sparkstorm (Maintain)
    • Sparkstorm with Electric Personality advantage (Toggle)
    • Sword Cyclone (Maintain)

    Lightwave Slash
    Lightwave Slash is incorrectly labeled as a Bleed in its description. While Plasma Burn offers stacking damage-over-time (like a Bleed), it is not mechanically the same as a Bleed.

    Rocket Punch
    It was announced that Rocket Punch should color the projectile to your costume's right hand, which it does not. RELEVANT RELEASE NOTES

    Particle Smash
    Particle Smash's description refers to it as a Ranged attack, but it functions mechanically as a melee attack (receives a damage bonus from Strength and Melee role, et cetera). This description is unclear.​​ It is also placed in the Close Attack category, but should probably be moved to Close Area Attack.
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  • carrionbaggagecarrionbaggage Posts: 682 Community Moderator
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    Form of the Swordsman
    Form of the Swordsman's advantage, Cut Where it Counts, does not work at all times. The debuff will simply not be applied under certain circumstances (no icon or heal debuff to the target). This bug occurs when you activate the form then enter any new instance. The current workaround is to reactivate the form each time you change instances.

    Form of the Tiger
    Ego Blade Breach and Ego Blade Annihilation are both melee charge attacks, but do not trigger this form.

    Night Warrior (Sneak)
    Sneak's basic description (which is apparently the description of the old Sneak power) mentions a 15-second recharge when coming out of stealth. This conflicts with the current mechanics and the advanced description, which cause a player to re-stealth after 4 seconds.

    Sneak's basic description states that entering combat removes you from stealth. The advanced description mentions four conditions that break stealth, but does not include all conditions that cause a player to enter the Combat status. This is a description conflict, but it is unclear whether the omitted conditions are intended to leave a player in stealth.

    Rend And Tear
    Currently, Shredded duration stacks with each application, resulting in a timer greater than 12 seconds. Rend And Tear's Shredded refresh sets the timer to 12 seconds, even if it was previously greater. It is unclear which of these aspects (the duration stacking or the penalizing refresh) is unintended.​​

    Backhand Chop
    When not using a martial arts toggle form, the Stinging Bee advantage will not refresh the duration of the Focus buff after applying it.

    Shuriken Throw
    The Chained Kunai advantage changes the power's animation to generate a line emanating from the user's foot. This animation is very unusual, to the point where it is assumed to be a bug.
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    Telekinetic Burst
    This power should trigger Concentration if the target is more than 25 feet away or the power is charged more than halfway. Currently, neither of these conditions triggers Concentration.

    Telekinetic Burst does not receive a damage increase from any toggle forms, except for Mental Discipline.

    Telekinetic Assault
    Telekinetic Assault's "flying daggers" graphic effect frequently does not activate, particularly when used immediately after another animation (even right after its own animation).

    Explosive Potential calculates its damage based on Telekinetic Assault's base rank, not its current rank. If Telekinetic Assault is at Rank 2, Explosive Potential does less than the listed 2/3 AoE damage. The AoE damage is also unaffected by Defense Penetration specs and gear.

    Ego Weaponry
    The description states that the final attack of the Ego Weaponry combo hits twice. This description is incorrect; it only hits once. It is worth noting that the description for the Id Weaponry combo properly indicates that the final attack is a single hit.

    Kinetic Darts
    Kinetic Darts is the only energy builder that triggers Concentration when executed at least 25 feet from a target.

    theravenforce suspects that it is inheriting this non-energy-builder property from the NPC version of the attack.

    Telepathic Reverberation
    Telepathic Reverberation sometimes fails to trigger at all. This happens most frequently during the Gravitar and Fire and Ice rampages. A player seems to have a better chance at triggering it when located closer to the enemy. The exact cause of this bug is currently unknown, but players have expressed a couple theories.

    One theory is that the visual effects may be low-priority, and fail to be created when 10 players are spamming their own graphical effects. Another theory is that Telepathic Reverberation creates an object that is being destroyed or impeded by area-effect attacks.

    In PvP, Telepathic Reverberation's GFX inherit the color of the power that triggered it. In PvE, the GFX are always a default blue. Against Cybermind, the color is pink.

    Congress of Selves
    Ego Damage Resistance from Congress of Selves does not reduce incoming Ego Damage.

    The resistance penetration offered by Congress of Selves does not do anything.

    The description of Congress of Selves indicates that it increases Ego Damage over Time, but in practice it boosts all Ego Damage.


    ** This applies to the whole Mentalist framework, but I'm posting it under Telepathy to avoid redundancy. **

    A while back, Manipulator received an adjustment pass to include powers that were erroneously not triggering it. While this pass did fix some triggers, it did not fix them all. Powers that cause a control effect through an advantage comprise the large majority of this list. The following powers do not trigger Manipulator, but probably should:
    • Condemn (Redemption Denied)
    • Devour Essence (Phlebotomist)
    • Ego Blade Frenzy (Unnerving Rage)
    • Fault Line (Compound Fracture)
    • Gas Arrow (Noxious Fumes) *
    • Gravity Driver
    • Hex of Suffering (Rank 2 and Rune of Lethargy) Note: Rune of Lethargy works fine w/o Rank 2
    • Ice Burst (Freeze, Dirtbag)
    • Inexorable Tides (Instep Crush)
    • Psychic Vortex (Single Minded) *
    • Rebuke (Admonish)
    • Shadow Blast (Psychotic Break)
    • Skarn's Bane
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Sonic Device
    • Storm of Arrows (Achilles' Heel)
    • Thunderbolt Lunge (both the natural root and Essence Assault's stun)
    • Thunderstrike (Ionic Compression)
    • Vengeance (Redemption Denied)
    • Venomous Breath (Paralytic Bile)

    * These powers apply their control through a separate entity, and may not be intended to trigger Manipulator.

    The power Ice Cage does trigger Manipulator. However, many other powers in the Ice framework can potentially create an Ice Cage on a target, and these powers do not trigger Manipulator. It is unclear whether they should.

    **SINISTRO1978's THREAD**

    Mental Leech
    This power's tooltip suggests that Dependancy heals multiple allies. In practice, it only heals a single ally or oneself (whoever is closest to the target, up to a maximum range of 15 feet).

    Mental Leech's tooltip correctly mentions the Mental Weakness debuff, but the description at the Powerhouse trainer still references the old Interrupt mechanic.

    Rank 1 Mental Leech does not have any sound effects.

    Mental Leech's graphic effect on hit (the burst effect that radiates from the primary target) does not obey color tinting. It is always pink.

    Shadow of Doubt
    Shadow of Doubt's tooltip states "When Mental Storm expires". This should be changed to "When Shadow of Doubt expires".

    Shadow of Doubt's tooltip correctly mentions the Malaise debuff, but the description at the Powerhouse trainer still references the old Interrupt mechanic.

    Shadow of Doubt does not have any sound effects.

    Mind Break
    Ranks 1 and 2 of Mind Break do not have any sound effects.

    Ego Blast
    The Mind Opener advantage states that it increases damage by 30%, which is similar to other descriptions which multiply the power's base damage. In practice, the power deals a separate tick of damage equal to 30% of the maximum charge damage (like Ice Blast's Hard Frost).

    If this power is working as intended, recommend changing the description to mimic Hard Frost's, to avoid confusion.

    Lance Rain
    This power's tooltip indicates a range of damage, but the attack automatically charges to full whenever it is used. The charge cannot be interrupted by a block, and will only stop partway through if the character does not have enough energy to execute a full charge.

    Lance Rain is not flagged as an AoE attack for specializations such as Locus and Round 'Em Up. It is also not flagged as a Mentalist power, for abilities that give cost discount to Mentalist powers (such as Ego Form).

    Ego Blade Breach
    Rank 3 Id Blade Breach (using the two-blade animation) plays Onslaught Medusa's voiceovers. The closer your camera is to your character, the louder the voiceover becomes. Medusa's voice knows no gender boundaries, and will also play for male characters.

    Mind Control
    This power does not have any sound effects. Since all other powers possess a sound effect, this is assumed to be a bug.
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    The charge animation on Annihilate overwrites its own hit animation when doing consecutive charge attacks.

    Land Slide
    Land Slide is incorrectly labeled as a Disorient in its description. It should be labeled as a Stagger.

    Seismic Smash
    Seismic Smash's description refers to it as a Ranged attack, but it functions mechanically as a melee attack (receives a damage bonus from Strength and Melee role, et cetera). This description is unclear.

    Its knock distance scales with Ego, which is unusual for a mechanically melee power. This may be intended due to its range, but is worth mentioning in case this was intended to scale with Strength.​​

    The Endorphin Rush advantage's description erroneously states that its duration is influenced by Defiance. This is a leftover description from old power mechanics.

    If you're using a form that does not grant Enrage stacks, and you use a power that can apply multiple stacks of Enrage, the stacks will be removed entirely instead of being capped at 1. Powers that can cause this to occur are:
    • Roomsweeper
    • Thunderclap
    • Havoc Stomp

    Aggressor does not give extra stacks of Enrage when the Aspect of the Bestial form is active.

    Roomsweeper is capable of building Enrage stacks when an object is nearby, but is occluded by other geometry.

    Ranks 2 and 3 of Beatdown do correctly increase its damage. However, they also add a superfluous 0 Slashing damage to the first two hits.

    The damage bonus from Blindside Blow against rooted or snared targets does not appear to be functioning.

    Iron Chain
    The Meteor Hammer advantage does not behave the same way it does on Lash. Iron Chain's Meteor Hammer always uses Rank 1's damage, making Rank 2 and the charge (in terms of damage) irrelevant.

    When tap-spamming this power, the duration of the arm animation does not coincide with the power's activation time. This means that, frequently, the second attack will fire a chain from an idle animation position.

    The damage buff on next attack from these powers is adsorbed by ongoing DoT ticks like Ego Sprites.

    For example, a player blocks and gains the Retaliation buff, then casts Ego Sprites. Every DoT tick is correctly increased. But if that player gains the Retaliation buff again while the DoT is active, a DoT tick will consume the buff but receive no damage increase.

    Defensive Combo
    When the third attack hits multiple enemies, it applies multiple stacks of the Defiant buff, instead of just one.
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    Radiance does not proc the Twist Fate specialization on any target.

    Radiance does proc the Exhausting Strikes, No Escape, Initiative or Can't Touch This specializations on a friendly target when healing them. Exhausting Strikes and No Escape can also proc on your own character.

    Radiance uses a grounded animation when healing yourself or allies from a flight pose.

    Rebuke is not properly functioning as a Blast attack. It does not work with Blast-related specializations such as Avenger Mastery or Preemptive Strike. It also does not consume Preemptive Strike, as a non-Blast attack would.

    aiqa hazards a guess as to why this might be occurring:
    Rebuke probably has 3 relevant parts as far as the game is concerned, one part the damage effect, one part the heal effect, and one part that activates on of the two other effects depending on the target. The power itself is probably tagged as a blast attack, which stops the Preemptive Strikes spec to be consumed, but the damage dealing part of the power is not tagged properly as a blast, so non of the blast specs work on it.

    The bonus health granted by Conviction does not work as the description suggests. When you receive damage, the game subtracts the amount received from your Conviction-buffed health, then calculates your percentage of current health relative to the buffed total. It then sets your health to that percentage of your unbuffed total health.

    For example, let's say a Conviction-buffed character has 10,000 total health points, including the buff. That player then receives 1,000 damage. This would reduce the player's health to 9,000, which is 90% of 10,000. The game then sets the character's maximum health back to its original value, and sets the player's current health to 90% of that total.

    In practice, the health buff absorbs a negligible amount of damage, and does not operate as the description implies.

    When increased to Ranks 2 and 3, Conviction loses its sound effect.

    When Iniquity is cast on a target, the "flexing" animation it triggers overrides a variety of different animations that the target may currently be executing. The target's power still activates, but without an animation. This creates scenarios where players end up thwarting villainy with "invisible" attacks.

    Imbue's breakfree damage is improperly scaling with the health of the player instead of providing an amount consistent with other Active Offense powers. The breakfree damage seems to be linked to Imbue's scaling Crit/Severity bonus. For example, when Imbue offers +12% Crit/Severity, it gives 12 (an inconsequential amount) of breakfree damage. Imbue seems to provide the proper amount of breakfree damage against only the Root status.


    Palliate's description states that is cannot critically hit. In practice, it can.

    Palliate benefits from healing bonuses. Since there are no other percentage-based healing powers for comparison, it is unclear whether this is working as intended.

    ** This applies to multiple frameworks, but I'm posting it under Celestial to avoid redundancy. **

    Gaining Compassion stacks is unreliable if your heals are stronger than the health your target is missing.

    Compassion does not work at all with Bionic Shielding.

    Compassion's description states that you gain an additional stack when healing an ally. For the sake of clarity, this should state "yourself or an ally".

    When a non-flight travel power is active during Ascension's effect, Ascension's vertical movement is limited.

    When a grounded travel power (superspeed or rolling variants) is active during Ascension's effect, lunges and reverse lunges (Evasive Maneuvers and Breakaway Shot) do not move the character forward.
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    MAJOR Aura of Radiant Protection
    When there are two AoRP users on a team, any allies affected by two simultaneous AoRP auras are unable to reduce damage by blocking. The block animation still plays and stuns can still be blocked, but damage is not reduced.

    Aura of Primal Majesty
    When first applying AoPM, the power grants its listed stat bonus. A few seconds later, it will slightly increase this stat bonus. It is possible that the power is buffing itself, and the buffed value is not reflected in the power description.

    March of the Dead
    Rank 2 of this power provides no damage increase compared to Rank 1.

    March of the Dead is the only pet power that still uses the pre-On-Alert stat scaling for pets. Intelligence increases damage, and Presence increases health. March of the Dead pets do not benefit from superstats, and do not inherit Crit/Severity from their owner.

    Skarn's Bane
    When activating Skarn's Bane mid-jump, the graphic effects emanate from where the attack started, and do not follow your character even though the area of attack is dependent on your current location. Although this is a GFX bug, it admittedly looks pretty cool.

    Aura of Arcane Clarity
    The self-only charge time reduction of AoAC scales only with Presence, instead of via superstats (like the self-buffs of other auras).

    Tyrannon's Familiar
    This pet's description indicates it will generate a Power Charge "as your familiar battles your enemies". In practice, only its melee attacks generate Power Charges; its ranged attacks do not. This becomes an issue when the familiar cannot reach an airborne target, becomes stuck in geometry, or glitches to only cycle its ranged attacks.

    Arcane Vitality
    Arcane Vitality's visual effects disappear after it is ranked to 3. This only happens when casting it on yourself. Ranks 1 and 2 work fine.
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    Infernal Blast
    The Virulent Propagation advantage does not accurately refresh the poison stack. Although the icon under the target's portrait will indicate a refreshed stack, that poison stack will frequently not deal damage.

    This appears to be tied to whether or not Infernal Blast triggers its own poison application. When it does (a 25%-100% chance, depending on charge time), the refreshed stack will deal damage correctly. When it does not, the refreshed stack will not deal damage.

    Rank 1's animation does not align with the character's hand position. Ranks 2 and 3 do not have this problem.

    Aspect of the Bestial
    Aspect of the Bestial Rank 2 and 3 do not apply additional stacks.

    Frenzy is labeled as a Combo in its description, but is not impacted by combo-related specializations.

    Massacre refreshes Bleed effects but does not have this labeled in the description. The power is apparently working as intended, and the description is the erroneous element.

    Massacre's left-handed animation uses grounded foot placement when executed in the air or underwater. The "scratch" GFX also does not play during those circumstances.

    Massacre's "scratch" GFX do not properly align with the arc of the slash.

    When tap-spamming this power, the duration of the arm animation does not coincide with the power's activation time. This means that, frequently, the second attack will fire a chain from an idle animation position.

    Bestial Fury
    When flying or underwater, Bestial Fury sometimes throws punches instead of slashes.

    When flying or underwater:
    • the first and third slash do not play the "scratch" GFX and use a balled-up fist
    • the second slash uses a grounded foot position
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    General Travel Powers
    When the movement animations for travel powers are refreshed after being overridden by another animation, they are occasionally replaced by a rapid walk animation. Disconcerting for an on-the-move champion, but handy if you're re-enacting a Benny Hill skit.

    Millenial Flight
    The description on Millenial Flight shows the exact same flight speed as any other flight power, but it is a lot faster. It has a fourth gear that is not shown on the tooltip (it can be seen by dragging the power into chat). Its first three stages are identical to equal rank flight, and work in exactly the same way. It's fourth stage activates after a few seconds of moving (all other stages can be activated by just standing still and waiting, or by full charging the power) and ends if you come to a stop, and gives the same speed boost as the previous stages -- thus, normal R1 flight is 20 + 17 + 17 = 54, millennial flight, after the speed boost kicks in, is 20 + 17 + 17 + 17 = 71 (r2 is 88, r3 is 108).

    As a side note, the fourth gear also has a separate vfx, and by playing around with powerhue you can get two-colored millennial flight while in fourth gear.

    Energy Slide
    Energy Slide grants no movement bonus underwater.

    Flying Travel Powers
    When activating a self-rooting maintain during flight, the character's legs do not default to the static flight pose. This can cause the character to don an unusual "in-motion" leg position while remaining still.

    aiqa offers some screenshots:

    When using a flying travel power and moving above the base combat speed, the flying animation overrides the block animation. After you have stopped moving, it takes about a second for the block animation to start. This happens if you used your block while you were still moving, and also if you block for the first time after you have stopped moving. Any consecutive blocks will animate properly until you move again faster than the minimum flight speed.

    Ninja Leaves
    When moving forward or backward, Ninja Leaves drags you down, as if by gravitational force.

    Bat Flight
    While Bat Flight is active underwater, player powers can still be used. This is not the case on land or in the air.

    The Flippin' advantage does not always provided its listed increase to Dodge%. As a player's dodge percentage increases, Flippin' seems to provide less of a bonus.

    While in the Tunneling state (and those of its variants), the blue arrow above the character's head (which denotes primary mission location) disappears.
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    Tough (Constitution tree)
    Tough only grants half the expected amount of health. Its description promises 0.5 health per rank (per secondary superstat), but it only delivers 0.25.

    Wither (Sentinel tree)
    Wither does not generate a debuff icon on its target to indicate when the specialization is active.

    Rejuvenated (Sentinel tree)
    Rejuvenated does not work with most heal-over-time effects.

    Works with Rejuvenated (when healing non-self):
    • Everlasting Light (Vala's Light adv)
    • Eternal Spring (Sentinel spec)

    Does not work with Rejuvenated, and possibly should:
    • Sentinel Mastery *
    • healing auras, such as Sentinel Aura and Medical Nanites
    • Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary
    • direct heals (any)
    • Mend (Illumination buff) *
    • Self Heals (Bountiful Chi Resurgence, Conviction, Stim Pack, etc.)
    • Mental Leech

    * Mend does not trigger Rejuvenated probably because Mend isn't technically sourced from you, but rather from the debuffed target that your ally was hitting (like Sentinel Mastery).

    Eternal Spring (Sentinel tree)
    Eternal Spring does not work on self-heals.

    Sentinel Mastery
    Description indicates it heals 2% of maximum health. In practice, it heals 5%. One of those values is incorrect.

    The following powers do not trigger Sentinel Mastery, despite fitting the criteria:
    • Gas Arrow *
    • Psychic Vortex *
    • Ego Storm (Malevolent Manifestation) * Note: Without the advantage, Ego Storm triggers Sentinel Mastery.

    * These powers apply their control through a separate entity, and may not be intended to trigger Sentinel Mastery.

    Brawler Mastery
    The description does not mention how much damage increase is granted to the next melee attack; it simply displays a % symbol. It should say 10%.

    Upper Hand (Warden tree)
    Upper Hand's description claims to increase Melee damage when certain conditions are met. In practice, it does not appear to directly increase the damage of melee powers, but instead increases their critical hit rate.

    ** A melee of thanks to jimhsua and flowcyto for getting the upper hand on this bug. JIMHSUA'S THREAD **

    Exploit Opening (Ego tree)
    Exploit Opening adds a static 30% severity. The tooltip states that it adds "30% of your severity".

    Brush It Off (Dexterity tree)
    This specicialization does not appear to add any dodge bonus.
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    Vehicle Weapon Shuffle
    When activating a vehicle device, the order of the slotted weapons in the hotkey tray randomly changes. This makes it difficult to memorize the correct attack hotkeys when using a vehicle.

    The vehicle weapon Flashbang requires you to center your camera on your target. If not, the charge will always interrupt.

    Nightmare Generator
    The Nightmare Generator device tends to overwrite attack animations with its summon animation.

    Neuroelectric Pulse Generator
    Neuroelectric Pulse Generator knocks targets back, but does not apply knock resistance.

    Malfunctioning Mods
    The following mod bonuses do not work:
    • +armor penetration (PvP)

    The follow vehicle mod bonuses do not work:
    • -resistance to target
    • +critical strike
    • +dodge chance
    • +avoidance

    Device Cooldowns
    Changing instances freezes the cooldown countdown of devices in your inventory, but not in a tray, until you put them back in a tray.

    Devices with a fixed cooldown (which recharge with the shadowed bar draining downward) show tooltip timers that are influenced by cooldown reduction. In prctice, they are always set at a fixed recharge time.
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    Incorrect Activation Times - Lunges
    While most activation times are different than listed, a few are different enough to be treated as bugs. Some lunges stop you for a noticeable pause when activating, before lunging you at the target. Typically, it's faster to just run up to the target, which defeats the purpose of the lunge. These lunges are:
    • Smoke Bomb Lunge
    • Decimate

    Incorrect Activation Times - Reverse Lunges
    While most activation times are different than listed, a few are different enough to be treated as bugs. The full animation does not seem to be factored into the listed activation time for the following powers:
    • Evasive Maneuvers
    • Breakaway Shot

    Active Offenses/Defenses
    The global cooldown on Active Offenses and Defenses is affected by cooldown reduction. This altered global cooldown is not reflected in the power descriptions. Either the static description or the reduced cooldown is erroneous.

    Flat Damage Reduction
    Flat damage reduction from Inertial Dampening Field or Invulnerability only works for a certain number of hits when a shield (such as Protection Field) is active. After that point, the shield takes full damage from subsequent hits, as if the flat damage reduction has no effect.

    Tests conducted by aiqa show that the number of hits is inconsistent before damage reduction failure. This suggests that the bug is linked to a different factor, such as total damage absorbed.

    Pet AI
    Pets frequently enter a state where they no longer attack. They simply stand idle at their target's feet. Resummoning the pet sometimes temporarily fixes this bug, but not always.

    If you have an ally targeted during combat right after a pet is summoned, the pet will detect that ally as its target and loiter at your ally's feet. This does not appear to happen outside of combat.

    Burst Pets
    Pets do not receive the buff from Burst alerts. This makes them rather useless in such encounters.

    Defense Penetration
    When a single attack consists of multiple hit-ticks, the first hit-tick correctly receives the effect of Defense Penetration (such as the Detect Vulnerability specialization). However, the subsequent hit-ticks frequently do not. Powers where this phenomenon occurs are:
    • Bleed, Deadly Poison, and Plasma Burn
    • Reaper's Caress (second hit of third attack)
    • Bullet Beatdown (second hit of first attack, second and third hits of second and third attacks, Not Without Incident bonus damage)
    • One Hundred Hands (second hit per maintain tick) Note: The Ghostly Strikes advantage correctly applies its Defense Penetration to the second hit.
    • Rocket (fire damage hit)
    • Gatling Gun (roughly half the hits...ratio is inconsistent)
    • Eruption (fire damage hit from Magma Burst advantage)
    • Storm of Arrows (the "additional" damage hits)
    • Ego Blade Breech(second hit)
    • Ego Blade Annihilation's Ego Annihilation damage-over-time
    • Mental Storm
    • Mental Leech
    • Shadow of Doubt
    • Reaper's Embrace rupture damage
    • Telekinetic Lance rupture damage

    When a power creates a separate entity, or a damage-over-time debuff, that damage in unaffected by Defense Penetration.

    Bubble Toss
    When a bubble (such as Protection Field) is used on a character who is carrying an object, the bubble animation surrounds the object instead of the player. When the object is thrown, the bubble travels with it.

    ** A bubble of thanks goes to theravenforce for throwing this bug. **

    Damage Bonus Advantages
    The following powers have advantages that increase damage, but the damage increase is on the severity layer which will lower your damage if you have a high critical hit rate:
    • Dragon's Wrath
    • Massacre
    • Gauntlet Chainsaw
    • Frenzy
    • Pounce

    Timed Buffs
    Certain single-application timed buffs can be stacked by re-using it after changing zones.

    Power-Dependent Buffs/Debuffs
    Some powers' applied buff or debuff is immediately cancelled if subsequent uses of that power are interrupted.

    For example, a completed Thundering Kicks combo applies a dodge buff. If another Thundering Kicks sequence is initiated while that buff is active, then cancelled mid-combo, the buff will immediately disappear.

    Multi-Powerset Toggle Forms:
    Concentration, Manipulator, and Compassion do not count toward unlocking higher-tier powers in their respective powersets.
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  • raighnraighn Posts: 2,348 Arc User
    Sigils of Ebon Weakness
    The debuff provided by Sigils of Ebon Weakness stack with itself visually on enemies caught within the radius of multiple sigils, however the effect of the debuff does not. Either the visual stacks or the non-stacking effect is in error and should be fixed. I have thoroughly tested this, it does not matter if the enemy has 1, 2, or 5 stacks of Ebon Weakness on them their damage is reduced by the exact same amount.​​
    ^-^ cute, cuddly, @Pandabutt ^-^
  • aiqaaiqa Posts: 2,618 Arc User
    Rising knee and tractor beam do not respect knock resistances.
  • flippyflappyflippyflappy Posts: 40 Arc User
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    Copy-paste from my old bugs thread, so it may contain duplicates with this threads bugs list.

    1. Sonic Device and Thunderclap don't stack Manipulator toggle.
    2. Inexorable tides should but doesn't get additional damage on knock resistant targets.
    3. Minidrive had scaling movement speed debuff before, now it's gone for some reason.
    4. Nanobot swarm's effect is still reduced by your own cd reductions.
    5. Summonable entity powers are not capable of crits.
    6. Decimate got additional 0.5 sec activation time.
    7. Uppercut advantage is super buggy old hold.
    8. Dragon Claw's advantage doesn't stops working till you leave combat after it hits enemy with it for the first time
    9. Beatdown's advantage doesn't work at all
    10. Expulse's advantage doesn't slow
    11. Heatwave does it's ticks only once per second, unlike every 0.5 second, like stated in tooltip
    12. Crushing Wave's advantage ignores knock resistance
    13. Dragon Kick's stun doesn't scale with level
    14. If your target stealth's or moves behind obstacle even for 0.5 second, your maintain attack would continue draining energy but no damage would be done even if targets gets back in line of sight. (Same with stealth)
    15. All cool-down skills, if interrupted at the moment when you click them by knock or hold go on cooldown without effect(includes instant spells like active defences, enrage etc.)
    16. Orbital Cannon's advantage can't crit (kinda makes that advantage useless for many builds)
    17. Bionic Shielding's advantage sometimes does base damage, instead of damage based on incoming damage(however i think it should deal always same demage, because after that nerf this advantage became useless in 90% of situations and is never worth picking over r3)
    18. Force Cascade applies knock resistance and consumes energy forms on tap vs players(works fine vs npc's)
    19. Swinging ignores roots\holds while swinging and can be toggled on even while being knocked(and it makes fall damage completely nullified if toggled even 0.1 sec before hitting ground)
    20. Form of the Tiger's movement speed boost doesn't stack with travel powers
    21. Ego Blade Breach's advantage does nothing vs blocking targets, only gives them free hold resistance
    22. Ego Weaponry's advantage heals can be dodged by user, making them heal for less
    23. Ego Blade Dash has scaling root, unlike Thunderbolt Lunge, where root duration stays the same regardless of rank(which is more useful for lunge-type powers imo) and was it a mistake of giving that lunge Disorient advantage? it doesn't synergize with power set at all, imo disorient advantage should be changed to Ego Leech granting advantage, because currently melee tk's have no reliable ways of stacking ego leech without picking ranged tk powers.
    24. Psychic Vortex's stun advantage does nothing
    25. Illumination bounces of Celestial Conduit can be dodged by players, making it heal for less
    26. Shadow Shroud's energy gain scales with Con (unlike other sheathes, which give their bonuses to everyone equally)
    27. Resurgence's break-free advantage doesn't work
    28. Howl's advantaged snare doesn't stack with other snares(should be given it's own slow imo)
    29. Defile's debuff doesn't take effect on first strike(unlike other debuffing powers like chest beam etc)
    30. Implosion's engine reverse repel no longer scales with power rank, while it did before. This never got fixed.
    31. Each time u get new aura effect on your character, animation of currently charged power bugs and repeats itself many times, like if u spammed taps ( can be easily seen on roomsweeper full charges, or when your molecular self-assembly procs first time, or inertial dampening field ticks, in cases like this animation repeats itself )
    32. Burning chi fist's dot should probably ignore shields and resistance fully, cos otherwise it's useless.
    33. Shock-wave's tp removal advantage doesn't apply Freedom, making it perma tp removal
    34. Telekinesis still not giving knock resistance to targets making it perma disable power if you have enough objects nearby
    35. Pets knock working players and ignoring\not giving resistance to them
    36. Some powers and devices like TK lance and Ice Grenades are still considered single target attacks, even though they are aoe. (needed for some specializations)
    37. Unfettered Strikes advantage on Masterful Dodge procs only once, and not each time when you dodge, like description states.
    38. Dragon's Wrath 2+advantage crits for less than rank 3 at 100%+ crit severity, probably same happens with all 30% bonus damage advantages)
    39. Thundering Kicks are not considered a combo attack.
    40. Edit-Not a bug
    41. When switching from 1 travel power to another with a charge, old travel power now instantly shuts down (started happening after that double travel power patch), making you fall from the sky quite often as a result.
    42. Versatility advantage on acrobatics doesn't stack with Unrelenting from Protector spec (only Unrelenting works then)
    43. Enrage doesn't improve bleed damage.
    44. If you take any +pet damage specs, it makes sorcery sigils do 0 damage in all cases.
    45. Endorphin Rush advantage on Enrage doesn't heal you on first tick, only on 2nd and 3rd one and now it doesn't scale it's duration with defiant stacks on you.
    46. Any normal root on enemy gets instantly broken once enemy uses attack because it's counted as damage done to root instead of his taget for some reason, which is silly, before it was broken ONLY Break Free button helped vs roots, which is how it should work)
    47. Sometimes, when 2 knocks are used on enemy player in quick succession, your enemy becomes immune to knocks after 2 stacks making all consecutive knocks just refresh immunity. This makes your enemy fully immune to knocks untill you or anyone around u stop attempting to knock that target for 15 seconds, which is impossible with uncoordinated teammates.
    48. For unknown to reason any stunning power can sometimes default it's duration to 1 second, even if you have 12 seconds base stun duration, making all this +hold duration stacking done by player worthless. Happens only vs players. Would be nice if somebody did more testing on this one cos my tests didn't uncover a reason for this behavior.
    49. Aura of Arcane Clarity's +Chargespeed does not scale with Super-stats, instead scales with PRE.
    50. Personal Force Field is regening incorrectly during combat.
    51. Melle Energy Builder's advantages and some EB specializations don't proc on taunt versions of them. (if it's a balance issue then it's kinda unfair and does nothing but force players into picking only ranged eb's)
    52. Celestial Conduit tap dps/hps is inconsistent with maintain dps and it would've been cool if it gave player flight for duration of maintain, just for looks :P
    53. Sniper Rifle can't stun targets outside of 100 range.
    54. Accelerated Metabolish advantage doesn't work as stated. It's supposed to enable power return mode that ticks every second for 15 seconds but all it does now is do 1 tick and then turn off. And not only that but it also procs much more rarely than stated 20%


    Device cooldowns don't scale with cooldown reductions or Int, even though tooltips show their reduced values. This includes devices like Neuroelectric, Ice Grenades, Willf ot the Tiger, Amazing Grace, Numbus of Force, Psionic Surge(this one could use reduced cooldown too), Omicron Inducded Str. and so on... I don't have all devices to list everything.
    Psionic Accelerator uses old hold mechanics, can't crit, got boss *foom* message above your head.
    Ice Grenades disable all flying powers and disable ascension.
    Eruption provides immunity to all dmg in a form of 50k damage absorption shield and disables flying powers and ascension.
    Amazing Grace device can't be used while nailed to the ground for some reason
    Perpetrator Incapacitation Devices sometimes stuns for less than 1 second on players. While it's stun duration on NPC's is around ~3 seconds.

    Aoe spec Brush It Off from Dex, doesn't work.
    Tough talent in Con spec tree is scaling only for half strength.
    Physical Peak in Str spec tree doesn't affect many melee powers, like Devour Essence for example.
    Some +stat Masteries don't account for your passive improvements, for example when i pick str mastery, my aura of primal majesty gives 75 stat points, but if i would switch from str to ego mastery, it would give me only 74 stats.
    Wither from Sentinel tree could use an icon to show when it's working and it doesn't improve damage of other players.
    Rejuvenated from Sentinel spec doesn't work with 90% of HoTs, like bountful chi or endorphin rush and doesn't scale with any stat.
    Eternal Spring from Sentinel spec doesn't work with Conviction.

    1.Animation of TK assault doesn't show in 90% of situations.
    2.Devs forgot to turn Aspect of Infernal and Aspect of the Bestial auras into a legacy ones.
    3.Roomsweepers animation keeps repeating after it applies enrage to you.
    4.Block animation being played each time you dodge with LR.
    5.Gigabolt sometimes doesn't animate.
    6.Superspeed forward jump animation got bugged at some point and now simply plays run forward animation instead of jump animation.
    7.Doing backflip jump with acrobatics while being assaulted by attacks makes only your lower body do backflip animation, leaving top half stuck in *being hit* animation.
    8.Ice Sheath doesn't apply any aura, unlike other active offences.

    Quality of Life stuff, cos there's no other thread that devs read to put it.
    1.OV medusa can use her melee attacks without anything targeted, such behavior would've been amazingly useful for all player melee powers too.
    2.Haymaker was much more epic with 0.5 sec activation taps + dps-wise its taps are severely under-powered now :3
    3.Would be nice to have an option to have dual ego blades advantage on each ego blade power instead of being forced to use pretty weak passives or toggles.
    4.Epidemic's animation could use improvements, old one that we saw on PTS was much cooler than current flying pieces of ****. lol.

    Gonna add more bugs to this post in future.
    First update-50 power bugs.
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    Absolve advantage on Palliate doesn't give 10 sec stealth or wipe threat anymore. Was working fine before now it got bugged for some reason.

    New stuns override any existing stuns. For example if you stun a person for 10 seconds and somebody after that stuns same person for 1 second, 10 second stun gets overriden. In all other games highest duration stuns always get priority...

    Experimental blaster 1% teddy transform works on players which is like... the most broken disable in a whole game? Since all other overpowered stuff like this was fixed, why teddied wasn't? (Speaking about death ray, swallowtail cut, etc)
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  • celiziccelizic Posts: 35 Arc User
    Few Ice Issues:
    1) Ice wall (and I wager ice cage too) do not trigger specializations that activate on rooted, such as trapped!
    2) If you activate ice wall via target reticule without at target it sorta just sits there in front of you and doesn't track to target.
    3) If you activate ice wall via a targeted ally it will track the ally instead of their target.
  • patternwalkerpatternwalker Posts: 151 Arc User
    Bug: Activating the Tunneling travel power (or its variants) removes the blue direction arrow to your primary mission. The arrow returns when you deactivate the power.

    This is a real hindrance, I hope it can be addressed. I'm not sure when it appeared.
  • aokimiaokimi Posts: 8 Arc User
    Long Time Bug!: Ninja Leaves doesn't work properly if it's activated during the slow fall phase. Instead of being able to just fly freely like the initial activation you just plummet to the ground. More than certain this wasn't intentional!
  • avianosavianos Posts: 4,529 Arc User
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    Onslaught Interfearing

    Ego Blade Breach: Dual Bladed (ID Blades ADV) Ego Blade Breach, STILLS plays the OSV Medusa Voiceovers

    /Cue Medusa's MIC SPAM from spamming the power
    An Introvert guy who use CO to make his characters playable but farms way to much to archieve that
    Playing as EVERYTHING but Superheroes (BUT they are my Heroes) Eternal Silver since 1 February 2011
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