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I love the game, but for one thing.

almightenalmighten Posts: 32 Arc User
It's great that there are so many options & I know it takes time & brain storming to iron out kinks & such. I have been playing since the game itself went live & there is a huge number of suggestions made to improve the game in the manner that the players want that go ignored that would not only make improvements to the game but also (when mechanics would allow) would also be giving to the players what they want to see introduced to the game. I went to school for computer information system tech & electronic engineering & took a fair amout of programing as well & so from reading dev blogs & sometimes talking to them when they are online; I know for certain that many of the player suggestions are possible, though many would be a lot of hours adapting to fit the game. It's just my opinion, but if PWE took more player suggestions; they not need work so hard to come up with new concepts. They would only have to sort the possible suggestions from the Incompatable. Best of all in doing so; while it still would involve hard work, it would be giving the players what they want. That would have to be a win win situation. As well letting the players know that they are part of making this game more enjoyable & that their suggestions are not being ignored.
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