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  • I'll probly join but the time people are mostly on is TW time which is 6pm server time, plus if I do join in I'm not using a card, just my favorite fashion will do.
  • I'm pretty sure Mal is referring to the people above and beyond the forum people.
  • couldnt have said it better myself hustleman holy shyt. but the ppl trying so hard are stubborn and wont let it sink in that they cant do a single thing but let time and what has been decided to take affect. I dont want to see this game go but making petitions and half hearted attempts at harrassing the higher ups after…
  • Sad to see it go but things change and life goes on. I wish I had the money to buy the game and hire people to run it for me. I will miss a lot more than I already miss now but I have screen shots and vids to help me remember. and yea the best time was waaaaaaayyyy before Odyssey because people weren't paying much…
  • Should've did something like this when we heard that we werent getting anymore sales/new content xD
  • Been saying this for years: all they care about is the profit not the happy feelings it creates.
  • Its best if u dont play ESO. It will disappoint u. There's hardly anyone around, TW is almost a ghost town nowadays. I cant really look at the brighter side of playing ESO when there's almost no one around xD no more updates/sales either. (leading to u asking if its still up lulz) this game is put on the back burner until…
  • I dont complain A LOT (see what I did there?) just stating my opinion. complaining is a whole different thing entirely example: " oh why does this person do that? I dont like that make it stop omg nooooo wah wah wah wah omg, I dont like so and so because of this and that oh why oh why oh me oh my" now thats complaining.…
  • Nothing new of what we would like. players look forward to sales and events and sadly im not liking the events not to mention no in game events ones that people can gain exp spirit valor or an item. by talking to NPCs not answering 1 question for 1 LB that failed lulz. If I was wam wam I would b pushing for in game events…
  • Welp when I reach lvl 146 gonna SS a crapload of the game then buh byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee~ bcuz no sales = no players. thats proof enough that the game will close probably soon. it wont last another 2yrs give or take. Plus it majorly effin sucks bcuz I cant change my SIGNATURE, COLOR/SIZE OF MY FONT or POST PICS INSTEAD OF…
  • they would b worth fixing, instead of typing out a whole new guide for a measly 50trans card lmao. I'd rather fix the old ones. now that would b worth a 50trans card
  • poor prizes for the trivia friday.... not worth playing I thought we were going to get something that wastn released before... oh wait it was a sales pitch that trial run was pathetic if u ask me. 1 win question per person?? thats stupid.
  • Thank you for remembering us after all this time! haha~ I feel relieved that we're not forgotten anymore for the time being.
  • Priest bcuz I love healing buffing and supporting my fellow players :3