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pwlaughingtrendy Cryptic Developer


Last Active


  • fant00m
    January 2018
  • darkmaangelz
    Hello, could you help me to me problem? Reply plox.
    June 2016
  • pwlaughingtrendy
    pwlaughingtrendy and sconomz were promoted to Cryptic Developer Rank.
    August 2015
  • devincaedwyn
    Received an email telling me this level 60 ship was mine to keep along with an exp boost to 60. Used the code and got nothing... contacted support and they said whoops, that code was for Neverwinter, you don't get a STO one... why? Why the hate? T-T
    August 2015
  • nesomumi2
    ty for closing my topic, i was just being annoyed with the players. sorry for taking your time (no pun intended of any kind).
    August 2015
  • phyaxia
    Whats bugBashers? I think I may have missed something.

    Thank you
    August 2015
  • spielman1
    Where do I sign up to join the bug hunt team I can find bugs and errors pretty easy been doing it since the game started really not team then though would love to find theme for the team though.
    August 2015
  • djonshenara
    Here is an example of one of my Bug Reports:
    August 2015
  • djonshenara
    Hi Trendy! I'm volunteering as a new recruit for your "Operational Support Team". I have multiple characters and am in numerous Federation and Klingon Fleets. Currently I'm in House of Beautiful, House of Beautiful Orions, Caitian Star Pride, Feresan Shadow Force, 101st Airborne and House of Oreo (yes, I prefer Klingon over Fed..;).

    I have created a YouTube account where I create STO training videos and have also even created a special Cryptic Bug report section to submit things I have found. I always run new episodes on day one for testing and walkthroughs.

    Although my account is purely a Free to Play account, it is because I paid for my son-in-law a lifetime. I play this daily and after owning my own Web Design and Hosting company for 17 years in California, am pretty much retired and have a lot of time to volunteer for this project. Hope you talk to me about this!...:)
    August 2015
  • timofborg

    Can I please join the Bug Hunting team?

    I have done Beta testing and bug reporting in the past for many projects both Professionally at work and online communities like Linux OS's in the past, but i am currently not involved in any beta testing or other communities....

    I also run a new YouTube channel about STO https://www.youtube.com/c/TimofBorgStarTrekOnlineShowzone

    STO Account Name = timbob1980


    August 2015
  • welcome2earf
    Trendy - can you point me in the right direction of where one needs to go to get a "@Badname" changed to something normal? My roomate has one but has no idea where to go and customer service has been...less than helpful.

    August 2015
  • cmdrscarlet
    Good evening Trendy,

    I hope you may direct me to the appropriate path to resolve a concern. I discharged my little Miranda ship to make room. Well, I'm in discharge regret, yet am unable to reclaim the ship at any Shipyard. I posted a screenie of what I see on page two of this thread: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums#/discussion/1188343/t6-miranda-frigate/p2

    Another poster says I should be able to reclaim it. Is that true? Should I submit a ticket? Is there another forum I should share my concern?

    Thank you for your attention,
    August 2015
  • sensaia
    It might be just me but is this game not International or just american?
    Would it be possible when cryptic or PW puts outs times that it would be in UTC or different timezones, (9 am PDT, 4 pm UTC, 6 pm CEST)
    it saves me for looking for a timezone converter and will get your message out clearly to alot more people that are not using PDT time

    thx in advance
    August 2015
  • tehbubbaloo
    August 2015
  • wildstallion45
    hi thier i was wandering if you can help me please i need help why cryptic is crashing on my wifes computer its same as mine
    August 2015
  • piesin
    Hi trendy I was wondering if you could help me! I charged $15 on my acc but never received it could you help me??
    August 2015
    • pwlaughingtrendy
      Have you sent in a ticket? I'd always recommend you go through: https://support.arcgames.com/
  • pwlaughingtrendy
    pwlaughingtrendy was promoted to Administrator.
    August 2015
  • medic9193
    Hi Laughing Trendy! I am stopping by to say... thank you. Thank you to you and to all of you who have come together to create and maintain a truly awesome game, Star Trek Online. Every day players flood you all with negativity about something most -if not all- of you work passionately on. So while all that is going on here is (at the very least) one for you all in the win column. I appreciate all that you do. Don't ever stop, because you all are amazing! Sincerely, @medgirl1025
    July 2015
    • pwlaughingtrendy
      Thank you! This made my day. :)
    • medic9193
      I'm really happy to know that. You deserve it. :)
  • majosea61
    Thank you for killing "doom" threads :)
    July 2015
  • jodarkrider
    I came here to steal all your coffee, and take it as my own! :p
    In all seriousness though - Keep up the positivity, sometimes I know how hard that can be, been there myself! Especially when one's passionate & cares deeply about something!

    July 2015