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Just installed Star Conflict.....

I'm about to uninstall.....tried twice and same thing "Please insert correct CD-ROM" error WTF!  REALLY? Poor show guys, amateurs.


  • yeah, hi, ive got the same prob as O/P does. any work-arounds yet?
  • iaxiliaxil Posts: 6
    edited April 2015
    Thank you for your response, please tell me what is happening after launching the game. Please send game logs C:\Users\Documents\My Games\StarConflict\Logs and email them to [email protected]
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  • bardorbardor Posts: 4
    last time i tried it on stam it worked but that was a while ago. So i say try it there if it doesnt work trough arc you even have better os support trough steam there all the major os types are supported like linux and mac also.
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