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ARC not connecting to Prime World server

tribbulatertribbulater Posts: 5 Arc User
This morning there is an update/patch for Prime World, however my ARC account only gives a 'Server No Available' message (in German). My nephew has an account direct with Nival, says his patch downloaded, installed, and he is currently in the game and running. Obviously the server is up and available, just ARC is not connecting to it.


  • tribbulatertribbulater Posts: 5 Arc User
    3rd day, still getting this. It's the 'Server Offline' notice, with a white-haired scientist type holding up a blue beaker. Is PW working for anyone else? Wondering if this is just my install or if it's a general ARC problem. Ticket submitted 2 days ago but no reply as yet.
  • palaedinpalaedin Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited June 2017
    Same here, for 2 days now. Submitted a ticket.
  • tribbulatertribbulater Posts: 5 Arc User
    Well, here is the answer I received from Prime World support ticket, it has not been confirmed (or replied to) by ARC/PWE support as yet:


    Arc platform is not supported anymore.
    This situation can be resolved only by full account progress transfer. Please, specify your Arc account name so we will be able to transfer it to the new account, created through e-mail.
    If any of your contacts faced same trouble, please let them know that they have to contact us for transfer from their accounts.

    Best wishes,
    Prime World Support Team"

    If anyone else can confirm from the ARC/PWE end that they have dropped/stopped providing access to Prime World please let us know. It seems odd the game would still be in their launcher and even getting added in to the ARC quests etc. if they have stopped offering it.
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