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Royal Mentor Competition

alerianacmalerianacm Posts: 62 Perfect World Employee
Dear Warriors,

Many of you brave fighters completed your initial training and now you have hopefully become experienced and well versed in the many ways to optimise your game play.
But the Kingdom now needs your help not just with fighting abilities, but also with helping novice Soldiers who are still striving to suceed througout Aura.
And so the King has announced the Royal Mentor Competition.
Each one of you has a chance to show everyone that you care about future of the Kingdom and are ready to help others and share with them your experience, history and knowledge.
The most active Soldiers will be generously rewarded by King Roland himself.

We ask you to create Guides that can be useful for all warriors in Aura. You can show anything you are experienced in or what you know the best:

* Seals
* Cards
* Class Builds and the benefits of each build
* Quest sequences and items or skills needed to complete them
* Weapons, clothes, and other build items and where to find them.
* Loot - the valuable and the not-so valuable and what you need to be collecting now for future quests.
* Any other hints and tips that can make other players' lives in the World of Aura that bit better.

You have two weeks starting from today until 23:59 GMT/UTC (5PM PDT) on 8th June to pull together all the information that you have found and you want to share. Images to highlight points in your submission would be advantageous.

Up to Four winners will each receive:
Royal Blessing x30
Crystal Key x4

And every participants will get:
Iron Key x1
Golden Key x1
Crystal Key x1

Best works will be collated and edited in relevant Forum sections and our Wiki page with personal name credit.

Find more information here : http://us.royalquest.com/forum/index.php?/topic/986-royal-mentor-competition/#entry8165
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