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Alice in OtherLand — Summer Edition

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
t's Showtime!

Oh my poor ears! Baron Cardigan is in a real Rage - we are almost late for his brand-new Psychodrama!

But who are the Lead Actors in this New Production?

Through serious mind manipulation, Baron Cardigan is forcing YOU to take a role in a demonic saga that could end your very life !

Go up to the Stage and join this unbelievable show. In Act 1, experience the interminable struggle between Good and Evil with demented allegorical scenes meant to challenge your very aspirations and existence. See Life and Death entwined in a dazzling dance, so persuasive you will be unable to resist its pull!

Step into Baron Cardigan's theatre and you will be able to drawn into this tantalizing Play and help determine the Last Act as it draws to its macabre conclusion.

Sign up OR be co-opted against your Will it does not really matter – Baron Cardigan will entrance you and entrap you but it will be Fun, Fun, Fun for sure!

Just follow the White Bunny to OtherLand and see for yourselves.

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