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Best Screenshot Contest: Stepping Into Spring!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Greeting warriors!

Awesome Spring has come to Aura's world, and we are happy to announce the special round of the Best Screenshot Contest: Stepping Into Spring!


Starting from now and up to 10.00 GMT 22 March (scheduled maintenance) submit your spring-themed screenshots in the contest thread to win most amazing prizes:

The winner will be awarded with Dryad's Garment and Royal Blessing X14!

The 2nd and the 3rd places will be consequently awarded with:

-Druid's Steps and Royal Blessing X7

-Dryad's Casket X10 and Royal Blessing X3

Also, you will get a Dryad's Casket for every valid entry (mind that you can submit only 5 entries per account in these two weeks!)

All valid participants will take part in the Spring Draw at the end of the contest: Royal Blessing X30 for two most lucky players!

As usual, we reserve the right for some special rewards.

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