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Orc Hunt

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Warriors of Elenia!

As you must know His Majesty King Roland and Her Grace Duchess Violetta have signed a treaty, and Aranta is getting ready to join Elenia. Meanwhile our northern neighbour (and our future northern province) suffers much from Orc raids. Orcs of the North have recently found the support of their remote kinsmen in Aloha and North Kabuk, and plundering attacks multiply threatening the safety of current and future trade routes. The King calls you warriors to decimate Orc gangs and to reduce the threat!

Starting right now and up to next maintenance 8 of February your task is to stop Orc raids by killing orcs at four maps: Aloha, North Kabuk and the Abandoned Mines Floors 1 & 2.

Orcs counted in the event are:

Orc Shaman
Orc Commander
Orc Miner
Orc Overseer
Orc Foreman

The more orcs you kill – the better the rewards for everyone!

Look for details here: https://us.royalquest.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3030-orc-hunt/

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