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Snow Festival: Winter Magic!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Citizens of Elenia!

Every year, Snow Island emerges above the northern lands to proclaim the beginning of the Snow Festival. This year, the festival does not require special invitations – any maiden in Varlone can send any loyal subject to the magic island. Anyone willing can get boxes of gifts every day and enjoy treats at the festive table. Bring Christmas Ornaments to decorate the island and have a blast with everyone!

The holiday bustle is underway everywhere in the kingdom: Christmas Trees are up, people are cooking dishes for the feast table, and amusement rides and the Beast Show are opening on Snow Island. An extra pair of hands would be helpful anywhere.

Unfortunately, Snow Island isn’t the only thing that has arrived. A more ominous phenomenon has come, too. There are rumours of a giant iceberg that has come to the shores of Aloha, an unusual one, inhabited by weird monsters. All experienced warriors are requested to do their utmost to help the Coast Guard of the northern region and resolve this potential crisis! Fight malicious Frosties and Konung Windswall, their warlold!

Find details on our forum and enjoy our Christmas Gift: Rates X3 through all the event and a free promo code for everyone!

Merry Christmas!

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