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Bats Extermination: Victory and Reward!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Congratulations with the amazing result of your united efforts: 181978 various Bats, Pipistrelles and Deadies have been killed from 20 July up to 27 July, from maintenance to maintenance! Vampirism danger is sufficiently crushed now!

Even if you have not managed to hit 200 000 limit you have got close to it - and here is your well deserved reward: promo code gift for everyone!


Activate the promo code at the main page of our website/My Account: https://us.royalquest.com/account/
The gift includes:

3 Day Royal Blessing
Treasure Hunter's Elixirs x5
10 Arena Tickets

Attention: Items will be delivered to the golden chest in Character Selection Window!

Please mind that the code should be redeemed before 01.09.2017

Glory to our heroes, best Exterminators who worked hard for public welfare! Their names and rewards will be announced today a bit later, and everyone will be able to tell them our gratitude.

Congratulations warriors! Take your prize and enjoy the game!

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