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Royal Quest Birthday: Five Years!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Dear friends!

As you are no doubt aware 10th April is the Official Birthday of Royal Quest.
This very day, five years ago the Open Beta Test of our game was officially launched. Five years! That's one small step for a person, one giant leap for the game. Royal Quest has been changed greatly in these years but still kept its inimitable charm and fascinating magic. Many new features have been added:
new and updated bosses
new and improved locations
new monsters added to the Auran flora and fauna of over 500 species.
challenging new daily, on-off and chain quess all with fun text explaining the Lore of the Kingdom if Elenia on the planet Aura.
special in-game events so you never get bored and always have a new challenge in your role of a Warrior of Elenia.

Of course, the main thing stays the same - this is you, our players, heroes at the King service, core of our game and driving force of the game world.
We are working for you and doing our utmost to continually improve and enrich Royal Quest for you to continue with your gameplay.
So, on behalf of all our team at Royal Quest, I give you our heartfelt thanks to you our noble Elenia Warriors!

Sky Fair with its captivating magic is already here, and we are going to update the server soon adding new content in advance of Five Year Anniversary. Now here is our first gift, an expression of our deep gratitude to you, our players and supporters:


The gift includes:

Royal Blessing x7
Four-Leaf Clover x5
Celebration Fireworks x20

Redeem the promo code at the main page of our website => My Account: https://us.royalquest.com/account/
If you are not registered at our website, just log in at the main page the same way you log in the game: via Steam, ARC, Facebook or Google+ - and go to My Account page.

After you redeem the code all items will be transferred to the golden chest in your Character Selection Window.

And that's just the beginning wink.png

Have a nice game!
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