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Sky Fair: Flying Magic!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator

Living in the barren Deserts of Aura there was once a group of Ashkalots that decided that it was more profitable to create Incredible Shows and Ancient Entertainments than to wander around with carts through the World of Aura. And so they found a Floating Island and build their home there, fully capable of flying it across all of Aura. Over time the island became more and more fun as the Ashkalots built an immense Monsterpark with outlandish monsters, an incredible variety of Quests and even some Epic Battle Experiences - in other words, an island that is fun for everyone. News about the amazing place quickly spread through the southern lands and the Annual appearance of the Sky Fair soon became the most exciting event in everyone's life and called for a big celebration. The island became so popular that Ashkalots, seeing the wonderful Tents and Park appearing out of the clouds, gave up their daily affairs and hurried towards the Floating Island to enjoy the delights of the Sky Fair. And what amazing experiences and fun they all had!

And now this fantastic island appears above Elenia! It means that for two weeks starting from 8th April at 00.00 GMT to 23rd April inclusive everyone can join in and enjoy all the attractions, amusing competitions and incredible challenges and win lots of great prizes. To join the entertainments of course, you will need Sky Fair Invitations and moreover - Sky Fair Tickets. Those of you, who still don’t have invaluable tickets can gain them by killing monsters, or everyone can buy them in Premium Shop.

Look for more details here:

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