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Stepping Into Spring!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Greetings warriors!

Frosty Winter armies have retreated and the fragrant Spring arrives in glory to our reaches.

To celebrate this awesome coming Royal Treasury announces sale of most uncommon and rare goods - Dryad's Caskets!

Starting with March 9 11.00 GMT/UTC and up to March 23 10.00 GMT/UTC you will find Dryad's Caskets in the Premium Store.

That's what you can obtain in Dryad's Caskets:

· Spring Fireworks - fireworks from the first spring flowers.
· Flower Fireworks - bright rosebud fireworks to salute all the fair ladies.
· Flower Mead - this thick, sweet beverage quickly restores your energy and fills you with the happiness of Spring;
· Cranberry Pie - a hot pie with berry filling - perfect for staving of hunger!
· Spring Flower Seeds - collect 30 parts to create the Druid's Steps decoration
· Dryad's Garment Sprout - collect 30 parts to create the Dryad's Garment female suit
· Various special items, seals summoning monsters, rare loot, gems and so on.

Touch surprising ancient mysteries of Dryads! Open magic Caskets to obtain unique garment and flower petals steps, apparent signs of Spring blossoming in your heart!

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