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THIS IS HOW SUPPORT of PWE DEALS WITH HACKERS, they let them play without any punishment

xjaxjaxjaxja Posts: 1 Arc User
We did start reports about one hacker over 2 months ago.... but peoples who reply to tickets, did not care about it all.
Over 2 weeks ago, i've started making videos, basically everyday. I made alot of videos during 2weeks+ period.
Peoples who reply in tickets did nothing except copy paste replies, also it doesnt matter if i post on our game forum, we dont have any GM who comes there!
So i've decided to go to other forums which are active and post some of the videos that i made during this period of time.

I thought that nobody cares about These videos bcs i cut it, so made few without cuts( its somewhere there, but need to watch all bcs i made it long time ago and dont remember time), Anyways you got the idea from the previous videos

Short again:

Simple one:

So without his fusion pet he does have more power than with his fusion pet. That norwen of his, has 500more m attack than the norwen with most power in server and hes not using it when hes hitting sick, makes sense? And hits nearly 2 times more than usually.
Game: War of the Immortals
Server: Gaia
Hacker: wasik
My question is, why support let this hacker to play the game after all the evidences we made, why this support we actually have only do copy paste reply, like hacker is nothing.
Why we have to deal with hackers, why cant we just enjoy the game. hope so these forums have any dedicated GM who might want to look at this and i hope so, finally take some actions about it.
And please, dont hate me becouse i post not in my games forum, we have no GM there for months. Hope so you will understand and support players who just want to have a fair game!
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