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Crush the Evil: Victory!

enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
Congratulations warriors!

You decimated the Undead hordes! 38078 Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers and Zombies have been killed from 18 June up to maintenance 23 June and your valorous strife deserves a decent reward!

-Starting from now and up to next maintenance June 30 rates x3 for Premium account are enabled!
-All players get Aura the Goddess' gift!


Activate the promo code at the main page of our website/My Account: https://us.royalquest.com/account/
The gift includes:

Royal Blessing x3
Silver Magnet Collar
Four-Leaf Clover x10

Items will be delivered to the golden chest in your Character Selection Window.

Praise our heroes, best Undead Exterminators who worked hard for public welfare! Their names and rewards will be announced today a bit later, and everyone will be able to tell them our gratitude.

So Ngalu's horrendous design comes to naught but... Maximus the Legendary General has just informed us that he got some very disturbing message from his undead saboteur hiding in Dead City. Something evil comes this way... but we'll know details when the message will be deciphered ph34r.png

Stay tuned!

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